Thursday, March 23, 2006


Yesterday was the big day driving out to Langley to get our 3D/4D ultrasound. Once arriving and getting into the office, we soon were told there were some technical issues with the equipment, ARGH! Seriously, this always happens to me. No fail, its the joke of my life. Hehe. Anyways, we are booked to return in April to get our recording and pictures, but before leaving the gal said, we can still tell you the gender today if you wish.... YIPPEEE!

I don't think I could have handled waiting again, it was starting to drive me nuts. So we sit down and get started. I must say the whole experience is much more enjoyable than the regular ultrasound. Ken was allowed in the whole time, and they showed him everything slowly and pointing until he could focus and see. He bearly got a view the first time and I spent time explaining the pictures.

So we start heading south to see what baby's identity is, there's the legs, the bum....long silence. I was searching the screen, as I had been checking out ultrasounds on the internet for weeks, I knew what to look for, 3 lines or a turtle. LOL. SERIOUSLY! When I told the tech that she laughed and said, well thats pretty true. I could see Ken leaning in, this was it.

Well, this sure looks like a....... GIRL

I was shocked! I was starting to doubt my own feelings on what the baby was since everyone I know kept saying it was a boy for sure. Ken smiling comes over and looks at the screen, he points out the 3 lines. Wow. It was such a exciting moment and yet I was speechless. It wasn't till we were in the car heading to the Pizza Hut to celebrate that it really hit me. I looked at Ken, I still don't believe it. We called Nana and told her. She seemed surprised too, thought I looked like I was carrying a boy. I guess thats another wives tale not true. However, many of them did stand up to being right. Especially the whole super morning sickness one, ugh.

Last night was spent calling the families and telling them the news. It was fun, kinda like a preview of coming things. Some folks think knowing isn't right, I say its your choice. Ken's comment to that is, well, the Angel told Mary she was having a boy AND what to call him. LOL, trust Ken to say something like that. Not that this is like that, but in a way its such a scary experience when its all new, and that having that little bit of knowing whats coming is a nice push. We still have the wonders, who will she look like, what color will her eyes be... thats fun.

Guess we need another dress for the wedding in August. Whee, shopping trip!


Dynamitedianne said...

This is so cool :) I love little girls. Shopping for her will be so much fun!

rockingrobyn said...

Congratulations, Ken and Janet! Girls are very special. And much more fun to shop for than boys! :)

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