Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Things coming together

Well I realized I never posted a picture of the finished change table/ dresser unit I put together while Ken was away. So here is the final results. Yay! Haven't gotten the changing pad yet, so just pretend. Hee. We are going to order the glider rocker that is a present from Ken's mom for both our birthdays. She would have done it herself but she never has luck when it comes to things making it across the boarder. Lets all remember Ken's Ipod. Sigh.

Other news, Ken is off to Victoria for a workshop at a highschool. I was going to tag along but since I am doing the church bulletin for the next few weeks, and I haven't gotten it finished, I decided to stay home.

This friday is the ultrasound, and heres hoping my darling child is in a good position this time for measurements. Been having alot more movement and its sure is a wacky feeling. My sides are really sore from the stretching feeling. Ugh.

Helped Ken build the beginnings of a puppet for the book. It was fun until I got really tired. Need more energy!!!

I am awaiting the buds to open on my flowers in my pots. SOOOOOOOOOOOON! sigh.

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