Sunday, March 05, 2006

And the Oscar goes to...

We just returned from the Oscar party, had a great time and won some prizes too! This year it was downtown at Lions Pub, kinda loud with the other half of the place watching the hockey game but still nice, especially since there were far more tvs for easy viewing from any angle. We missed the first 2 awards due to a slight mix up Ken accidently made when using map quest. Luckly we were able to reach them on the cel and got things sorted out very quickly and soon we were happily sitting with our friends.

Didn't get 1st place this year, hard act to follow but I did manage 3rd and won a trip to Victoria, woot! Ken tied for 4th and got a month free of movie rentals at some video store he use to go to downtown, so he was happy.

I was sure surprised by the best song win, good grief, that one is going to be a joke for weeks. Also, during the car ride there, I kept saying Crash would win best picture, and yet I still had Brokeback Mountain on my paper. Oh well. I knew it, should have gone with my gut! Congrats to Paul Haggis, YAY CANADA!

Overall it was a good show, very short, which is always nice. John Stewart did ok as host, but I don't see him getting asked back next year. Glad the penguins won for the documentary, amazing film! I loved that they had huge stuffed toy penguins to take on stage, that makes you extra special in my books!

So after checking out my loot in the goodie bags I am off to bed, good night folks!

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