Thursday, June 18, 2009

What is a Perogy?

Perogies are pockets of dough, filled with virtually any imaginable filling. Traditional perogies are usually stuffed with: potato, cheese, meat, sauerkraut and fruit fillings.

That was for my friends who have never had a perogy. If you get the chance, I highly recommend them. I prefer the potato and cheese ones. Yum!

Sorry for the lack of posting, its been the crazy week in preparing the last minute things for the memorial service on Saturday. Not to mention any chance I get to do something for myself right now, I tend to rest. Ahhh. My feet are swelling and getting sore, and this little boy in my belly is making me more and more uncomfortable.

Monday afternoon Ken arrived home from Montreal, yay! Ariel was excited to see him and loved her 'Montreal Princess' shirt he got her. Haha. Then we went off to my doctor's appointment to see how the little guy was growing. Well, he is growing, and fast! I was measuring ahead slightly, interesting. My blood pressure was amazing! 100/80! My doctor was in such shock she did it twice, crazy! I figured with Ken home I was chillin' again, hee. Lets keep those nice numbers!!! Got to hear Xander's heartbeat, it never gets old.

We drove home and swung by my Dad's to pick up the mountain of photo albums. I decided I was going to finish the slide show for the memorial that night. Kinda a lofty goal, but I figured it be easier than drawing it out. So I got to scanning pictures and by 11pm I was pretty much done. Ken came to watch it and we both were wiping away tears. I will share it here after the memorial service, it is very special and is my gift to Nana's memory.

Yesterday, Ariel had a play date with Carter and Sienna! We went to Erin's place and had a lovely visit. Erin made some yummy wraps for lunch, which I totally need to get the recipe for. Ariel also showed off her big girl swinging skills with Carter.

Carter looking very grown up!

Ariel was loving baby Hayden. She is going to be such a great big sister!

It was nice to sit and chat with the girls. I am sometimes lonely when I don't manage to get out as much, so it really was a treat. We came home later that afternoon and just rested. It had gotten so hot out... so hot that a little ice cream treat was in order, yummy.

Later that night I went out to see Ariel's proofs with Maria. I had Chelsea come and babysit Ariel, and she was so excited to see her that I was nearly pushed out the door. I enjoyed the drive alone in the car, very relaxing. Always fun to visit Maria, and seeing Ariel's awesome pictures is always awesome! I really love this one!

Mommy's little model, hee.

Today was another fun day, this time with Stella and Donna, or as Ariel calls them, Lala and Donald. Haha. Unfortunately, I started the morning on a sour note with getting sick. Ugh. I haven't done that in a long time that it came as a shock... so much so Ken came up before leaving to make sure I was ok. Blah.

The mission was to get materials for Ariel's birthday invitations and fabric to make Xander's receiving blankets. First up was the fancy paper store, oh it is such a fun place!!! I never get tired of going there, it just oozes creativity. Hehe. We are having a Lilo and Stitch Luau themed birthday this year, after Ariel's love of the breakfast we went to on our Disney trip. Ken and I love stitch so much, that it was perfect and we have been eager to get this show going. I had originally designed an invitation in my head, but after seeing some other things at the store, I modified the plan slightly. All I will say is that the color is a pretty aqua. Oooh, gotta wait until they are sent out. Hee!

Then it was a stop at Boston Pizza's for lunch. Ariel ate a little cheese pizza... with ketchup... yeah. Ick! She also showed off her ability to go in the washroom stall alone and do her thing. Such a big girl!

The fabric store came next and I found some cool flannels for my blankets for Xander. When you don't like sports, it doesn't leave a lot left to pick from. I found several patterns in bright turquoise and some dragon stuff. When I showed Ken when he got home he was totally loving it!

Oh, and they totally go with my new diaper bag!!! I wanted something a tad smaller than my last bag and a bit more stylish. I found an amazing deal online for this Petunia Pickle Bottom bag since one site had it listed way under priced because it was 'an older style'. Woot! I love it and can't wait to use it. Hee.

I also picked up the printed programs I designed for the memorial. Here is the cover with my dear Nana. The lady at the print shop asked if she was my mom, and I told her my grandmother. She commented how she use to see her walking around that particular mall all the time. Then she gave me a hug, I must say, it was nice. She also was impressed with my design, so that was flattering and made me feel good that I did something nice for Nana.

Sooooooo, tomorrow I think I will lay low and just rest up for the big day. Hoping for some cool weather... they keep saying rain is coming, I have yet to see it. Blah! Pray for my family as we prepare to say goodbye again...


Dianne said...

Love you, girl. Big hugs for the weekend. The program cover is beautiful. Wish I could be there with you at the memorial.

(On another note... that is the sweetest dragon flannel. Great picks for Xander, mama.)

Kristen said...

Big hugs Jay! You have been on an emotional roller coaster.

Love the pics you got taken of Ariel!!!

kelly ens said...

i LOVE that diaper bag!!!! woweee!!!!

beautiful program for Lois; tomorrow will be a big day for sure, and we will be praying for you. I was actually hoping to come, but with Ezra's tonsillitis, I'm not too sure yet. I'll have to see how today goes with him.

Tera said...

Glad to hear your appt went well and Xander is growing. Can't wait to see Ariel's invites...I'm sure they will be so cute! Perogies sound like Mexican gorditas???

missmarble said...

Thoughts and prayers for tomorrow Jay. ((Hugs))

Michelle said...

Jay,Ken and Ariel as well as Papa. Big hugs to you all.I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.

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