Monday, June 08, 2009

Animation Festival Fun and Time for Rest

Its been a VERY busy weekend here for us. Friday night we went and set things up at the church for the big animation festival, woot! The major positive for me was the air conditioning at the church building, ahhhh.

Saturday morning we were up and back at the church doing final set ups, meeting with the folks helping us out and having a few crises. Yes, even in the best planned situations things can go wrong. Our big one was Ken forgot the fire-wire port on our camera didn't work. So Ken was frantically phoning people trying to find a camera to use. Thankfully we had a helper from church there who had one and ran home to get it. Yay! Its tricky because the newer cameras don't come with those ports, so it has to be an older camera. You can see how that might be more difficult to track one down. Usually Ken brings one from work but forgot. Oh well, it all turned out... but Ken was looking a tad bit stressed until things got sorted out.

After that rough patch, things flowed smoothly. Our new system of teams worked fantastic and the parents loved it. The kids got to do everything and it kept the transitions that much faster and less chaotic. Ariel hung out there all day and enjoyed the various activities (that she understood). The doodle room was perfect for her. Paper all over the walls and a pile of felts! Its a kids paradise. Haha. She also enjoyed building clay worms with all her little friends.

Following the workshops, Ken had the short film screening and played this amazing little film called 'The Chestnut Tree' in memory of Nana. The film maker had made this in memory of her mom, and it really struck me this time watching it. With both my Nana and Mom gone, it really made me cry this time watching it. Such a beautiful film and reflects so much on that moment of moving on without that person. Maybe one day I will be able to do something similar, but until then, this is truly a special film to me.

Then came the animator's BBQ, something new we added this year. Let me say this, we had one lonely burger left at the end! The food was GONE, and we made a $100 profit to put towards the costs of the festival, which is amazing. We really want to keep it a free event, so with the success of the BBQ, it really helps. So awesome! Ariel was a fan of the big cookies... and yes she ate that whole thing!

When the BBQ wrapped up Ken gave his presentation of Animation as an Act of Worship. Not too many people were able to stay, but those that did really enjoyed it. That pretty much ends this year's festival and we are already talking about new things for next year. Whee! If I get a chance I will put some more photos together from the festival to post here.

Sunday morning we rolled into church, somewhat exhausted but still alive. Haha. The service was good and we ended up heading over to Dad and Rita's place after wards to do the mail and plant watering. Their backyard was so shaded and cozy we set up the pool for Ariel and lounged all afternoon while we did a few loads of laundry.

Ariel would stop if a plane flew over....

... and when she tried to hide from us, well, it made us crack up.

This is the life Mommy! Ahhhh...

I was telling Ken that I enter 3rd trimester this week, crazy I know! It then dawned on me I had really gotten lazy with my belly shots, sorry guys. With everything that has been happening, part of me just doesn't want to bother with it. However, since I was feeling somewhat pretty yesterday because I got ready for church, I had Ken take a picture of me to document my belly, in a different way. I call this 'keeping the egg warm', haha. That's me, part chicken.

We cooked up some smokies for dinner and had a quiet meal together. The night air was so much cooler after the several days of pure heat! Soooooo nice, and very appreciated. I must say every time I check the 7 day forecast the rain cloud keeps moving away. Blah! Come on, one day of rain would be awesome! Pleaseeeee!

Today I woke up and had a lazy morning until Ariel got up. Just as we were getting ready to get dressed for ballet class, we got a call saying the teacher was sick, so class was canceled! Well, that didn't make for a happy princess. She kept saying, but my teacher is happy! Sadly I had to explain that being happy doesn't make you less sick. Poor kid.

So instead we walked to the store for some stuff to make a rhubarb crisp. Yum! I got the recipe from Delores who had brought us dinner last week. It was just so good, we had to have it again. Besides that, we did nothing, and it was great! I needed a good lazy day, as my legs were pretty sore yesterday. Tomorrow I have a pedicure appointment, whee! More fun stuff.


tracie said...

awsome pictures...I see you are enjoying the new camera. :)

Hope you have a lovely pedicure!

SarahRachel said...

WHEW! That's quite the weekend! Sounds like a total success with the animation festival! You are getting some great shots with your new camera! I LOVE that pic of you! You look so pretty and that's such a cool angle.

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