Thursday, June 04, 2009

Heat = Blah!

Ok, its hot... really hot. I do not like it, blah! I told Ken back when we got pregnant that we had 2 very mild summers and this one was gonna be a hot one because I am pregnant. Yeah, I knew this coming. Ugh. I am trying hard to stay hydrated, but its hard, especially running after a busy little girl. I try and do things in the morning before it gets too hot, but sometimes its hot early in the morning. Sooooooooo, it makes for a bit of a rough go.

The past few days have been laid back after all the craziness we had going. I managed to finish up going through all the Nana boxes of stuff I had sitting in my hallway. I really wanted to see the floor again and honestly, its much harder to maneuver through junk with a big belly. Haha.

Ariel's transition to a big girl room and bed has gone surprisingly well. The only thing that has been happening a few times is the 3 or 4am wake up she has been doing. Its really random, she wakes up, comes to our room and says something bizarre. One time she came in to tell us our fan was making her cold. Um, that is why it was in our room not hers. Another time she said, Mommy, I'm lost. The one positive is that I take her back to her room and she is back asleep in seconds... the not so positive part, I can't get back to sleep easily. I found myself several mornings coming down to the computer till I got sleepy again. Sooooooooooo, I am hoping this trend is short lived.

Also, she has fallen out of bed a few times. One time happened to be this morning at 630am, but it turned out to be a good wake up call since we realized the power was out. Thankfully Ken didn't oversleep and managed to get out the door at the right time. Ariel the alarm clock, yay!

Monday after ballet class we had a lunch date with Aunt Deborah. We had a great visit and Ariel told her, the waitress and anyone who would listen about the light bulb story. Something I actually forgot to mention, so here it goes.

Friday evening after Nana's passing, I was giving Ariel a bath. I had my feet in the tub too to soak and over Ariel's playing I kept hearing a little 'tick' sound. Sounded like one of our light bulbs was about to die. I pulled Ariel from the tub and got a towel on her to dry her and as I was getting up the heat lamp bulb above the toilet (which is next to the tub where we were) exploded in pieces of hot glass falling on us. I screamed as one hit my leg burning me instantly and I fell into the tub trying to soak my leg for relief. My arm had instinctively pushed Ariel and thank heavens she wasn't hit. To think of her being totally naked from her bath and possibly burned all over makes me shake. I am so, so, so thankful for her safety. I however, am now sporting a lovely scab over what became a very nasty burn blister. Yuck! Ariel has been very concerned about my leg and comments on it DAILY!

We had our building manager come to look at what had happened and remove what was left of the bulb. They will be making sure it wasn't a short circuit, but we are pretty sure it was just old age of the bulb since its REALLY old looking. They don't even make them like this one. Until then, no bulb in that spot, and part of me isn't in a rush for a new one at all. That was pretty scary.

Yesterday morning Ariel and I went to Ikea on a morning adventure after picking up the car from the garage from an oil change. (Speaking of which, our car continues to be awesome and we are SO thankful for no further problems after all the junk we went through). So we got to Ikea, had the $1 breakfast, yum, and picked out a little table and chair set for Ariel's room. She needed a place to color and it was perfect! She was so excited and helped me put it together. Doesn't she look content? Hee.

We also got some goodies in the mail from Ken's mom for baby Xander. Here are a few of the fun things she sent.

Cute cars!

Today we met up with Julie and her daughter Lillian who are in town visiting family and went to the water park for fun and visiting. Ariel is funny when it comes to the water park. She loves the concept of it, but not so much the water getting sprayed on her... as you can see.

Ariel had a few complements on her uber cute bikini as well. I love this suit!

Lillian and Ariel really hit it off which was fun as well. Playing and drinking (ugh I know) from the hydrant was a big thrill. Haha.

We had a slurpee run and called it a day. By the time I got up the stairs my body started to crumble. Ugh. My legs were sore and I went and laid down while Ariel watched some tv. Ken called on his way home and I realized I had overlooked dinner, so he got some pizza. Frankly it was smart since I didn't want to cook anything and I couldn't stand anymore.

Pastor Dave came tonight and we started planning Nana's memorial service. It is coming together nicely and should be very lovely. Now he and Ken are at the church doing a tech run for the Animation Festival this weekend. Speaking of which, if you are looking for a FUN and FREE event for your kids this Saturday, please come out and join us! (Well, Ariel and I may be in and out as my energy allows). This is the 2nd annual animation festival at our church. (click on 'church' to get the info from our church's website since it might be hard to read from the poster below.) The whole event is aimed at kids getting a chance to experience animation through drawing, playing with clay etc. Its an all ages event, parents are encourage to participate with your kids, so please do come for some fun... especially if you need a break from the sun, the church is air conditioned, haha! HERE is the article that ran in our local paper this week on it as well. (If you don't register, that is fine, just arrive at the church when the doors open, no problem!

Now its time for bed... and praying not to have an early morning wake up call from princess... although I am curious what she might say. Haha.


Kristen said...

Jay the light bulb story is very scary! Glad everyone is ok! I love Ariel's bathing suit! Too cute!!

kelly ens said...

also glad you are ok after that lightbulb explosion - freaky!!!!
yeah, ariel is SOOOOO cute in that bathing suit - i LOVE it!
cute table/chair set :)

Bounty said...

Love the blog - Congratulations on the baby btw! Hang on in there :-) Have you picked a name for baby yet? ( is great to search for names!) Fingers and toes crossed for you - hope you are doing well x

Michelle said...

I'm so glad that you and Ariel are ok.The Animation festival sounds interesting.Must tell Rob about it.

Tera said...

oooh, scary about the light bulb! Ariel looks super sweet in her bikini. Ken's mom is the best...she's always sending super cute clothes for your kids! :)

Kristin said...

Cute car clothes.

And the water park looks like it was lots of fun!

I bet you are enjoying todays weather much better, I know I am!

SimplyFrugal said...

Ariel is just adorable in that bathing suit! And very cute clothes for your baby boy! I'm glad to know Ariel's transition is going well for all of you!

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