Sunday, May 31, 2009

Big Girl Room!

Guess who is fast to sleep in her big girl bedroom? Yep, its Ariel! We finally got her furniture and spent most of Saturday setting things up. Two youth, Pastor Dan and Ken went and loaded the truck that morning and after 2 short trips and much sweat getting it upstairs, we had it all ready to assemble.

While Ken kept Ariel busy, I arranged things, moved her clothes, toys and made up her little girl paradise. Back several months ago I had asked Ariel what she wanted in her new room, her reply was cupcakes and fairies. An interesting combo, but hey it can work. I was so excited to finally lay out her new quilt, and now I really need to finish the extra decorative pillows and pillow sham.

I am so happy with how it came together and when we brought up Ariel when it was finished, her response was 'Its beautiful!'

Just a few more pictures to see things... the dresser with the mirror

...tall dresser with some of her dolls...

...the kitchen play area with a display area for her purses...

... the set also came with a desk that doesn't fit in her room now, but we put it in our office / storage room for us to use until she needs it.

That afternoon we decided to go see 'Up' since Ken was eager to see it opening weekend. Ariel seemed excited to go, but then the promise of popcorn is also a big draw. It was an amazing film and so original. Ariel enjoyed the floating house with the balloons and the funny dogs. The beginning is kinda sad, and I found myself crying. It just hit a little too close to home, and yet it felt nice to cry in a dark theater. A fun family activity and by the time we got home it was close to bedtime.

Ariel's first night went very well and she probably wouldn't have woken up in the night had she not gotten a nose bleed. She scratched it in her sleep and called for me. After a quick clean up she was back to sleep quickly. I however didn't, so I played on the computer and finally was sleepy enough to go back to bed. I must say the being unable to sleep thing is getting old. Sigh.

Sunday morning we headed to church early so Ariel could practice with Kim and the other girls a dance they were performing during the service. They only met that morning to learn it and it was so special to see her up there, especially since it was an emotional morning for us. Ken taped it so I could share it with you, enjoy!

Yes, today was difficult, mostly because you are dealing with other people's emotions about everything that happened. Pastor Dave called me this week to tell me about what he was planning on saying about everything that morning and asked how I was doing. Basically, I am lonely. Plain and simple, I miss her calls and just talking to her. Every time the phone rings I go, oh its Nana checking in to see what we did this morning... and then I come back to the realization that its not her. Its a daily journey, some days are better than others.

Stella had ordered some flowers to be at church that morning, they were very pretty. Nana would have loved them.

Tonight we had been invited to Pat and Phil's for supper with their family. It was great to visit with Michelle, who is expecting her baby at the beginning of August. We finally got to meet her boyfriend Jug, and he was a really nice guy. Dinner was really good, and Ariel showed us a new combo of carrot sticks dipped in salsa. Hee. She also became fast friends with Wicket the dog. So cute!

By far the funnest moment came when dessert was served and she insisted that she pray for it. We all watched as she folded her hand, bowed her head and sat quietly in front of her brownie and strawberries. Ken figured she was praying it would get bigger. Either way, it was so cute and melted my heart. She is such a sweet girl.

Ariel wanted to share her new watermelon outfits with you. I love red on her!

Daddy loves this one!

Tomorrow we have dance class and a lunch date with Aunt Deborah, so some fun stuff to look forward to. Its hard to believe its June tomorrow, and yet the weather reminds you that summer is coming. Our fan got plugged in this weekend, and its a huge relief to this pregnant gal. Didn't I say we would get a hot summer this year... less than 3 months to go... my feet just started to swell. Blah!


Dianne said...

LOOOOVE the big girl room! Great job! It kind of makes me want a fairy and cupcake room too, hehe.

tracie said...

What an awsome big girl room!!

We must have the same taste in clothes...I bought the same skirt and tank top for Avery. :)

I'm so sorry about your grandmother...prayers being sent to your family!

Tera said...

Awww...Ariel's new room is very sweet. She looks adorable in her new outfits. I love the new line, but our closets are already too full for summer. Maybe I'll use some gymbucks to buy some for new year? Hope you are sleeping better soon.

Kristen said...

Ariel's new furniture is so beautiful! Love her room-good job!! I love the watermelon line as well at Gymboree I am waiting until it goes on clearance and I can use Gymbucks ;)

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