Friday, May 29, 2009

One Week Later....

So as of yesterday it was one week, and in a way it was the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. Since I last checked in, there was lots of action happening around here. Aunt Penny and Uncle Bill returned from the island with Papa with the news that the place in Comox could take him in right away. So it was decided that by Thursday, they wanted to be back there for him to move in today. That gave us 2 days for packing and moving stuff! A tall order but everyone really pulled together and made it happen.

Wednesday morning I picked up Stella so we could go pack up the place into boxes for the thrift shop, things for Papa's new place, things for us to take and stuff to be moved to my Dad's until we could figure out what to do. While at Stella's, Ariel surprised me and pointed to the necklace I was wearing and said, 'that's Nana's!' She was right, it was Nana's necklace she wore daily. We had given it to her several years ago on her birthday. The details my girl remembers always surprise and amaze me.

Aunty Fran joined us at the suite, along with Aunt Penny. Uncle Bill took Papa out for a long drive all morning so that he wouldn't be in the way of all the action. We got started shortly after 9am, Ariel was happy with her snack and played while we worked, she really was excellent that day, such a blessing. Packing up Nana's clothes was hard at first, seeing the familiar outfits that she always looked so pretty in. So bright and colorful, I'll miss that. I felt like it was such a waste because she had such pretty sparkly shirts, but were too big for us. Then Stella came up with a wonderful idea of making a t-shirt quilt for Ariel out of them! Oh I loved it, and so we made up a large bag of pretty things that were so her and would bring comfort to snuggle in later.

Then things got funny as we pulled out vest after vest after vest! She loved her vests, and I never realized how many she actually had! I kept a few things for myself that I could wear including some beautiful large wraps. I was stunned, they were so gorgeous and yet I don't ever recall her wearing them. One was a deep plum colored one with sheer painted flowers. It was so pretty and when I put it on I just was in love. I will be wearing it to the memorial with my black dress, just seems right. Ariel is modeling it for you, hee.

Another thing I found was a scarf with the Thomson tartan pattern. I believe she got this on her trip to Scotland years ago. I remember my mom had a kilt in this pattern too, a great family keepsake. Maybe one day we will make it there and discover more of our family roots.

Here is an amazing treasure. For years this picture has hung in my Nana's room. I never knew who it was. I don't know why I never asked and yet I just figured it was a pretty old style picture. Auny Penny told me its MY Great-Grandmother! Wow, how amazing is that! For my whole life she was just a name listed on my family tree in my baby book and now I have a face to put to that name. Just a very cool discovery indeed.

Then came unloading the cupboards, fridge and freezer. I can't believe how many bags of frozen blueberries we pulled out of that tiny freezer... not to mention the muffins, cookies and goodies that she would save for visitors. So we packed till about 2pm when we loaded up the car and took several boxes to my place, then made a trip to the thrift shop. Our fridge is stuffed with all the extra food and stuff they had. I must say I made fast work of the dill pickles, and Xander REALLY enjoyed them as he kicked like crazy. Haha.

That evening we had a final dinner with Papa at the home in the special dinning room. It was nice to relax and enjoy the meal, but sad too. Its just hard to believe another major change was coming the next day.

The next day was the big furniture move. We were up early and over at Papa's place just after 8am. It was already crazy when we arrived with the helper from our church that came. Such a huge blessing, especially since Mike works, Dad is out of town and so was Ken who was flying home that day from Alberta. We took several things over to my Dad's to store until we figured out who gets them, and some stuff we plan to sell as well. The minivan was stuffed with all of the things Papa was taking to his new home and ready to go. By 11am it was done, and before I knew it we were saying good bye to Papa.

Bill and Penny drove away with Papa and I got in the car and drove home. From Thursday last week to Thursday that day, one whole week, I had lost 2 grandparents. Of course Papa was just moving, but it was far away and its a change. I pray he transitions well, I know it may be hard for him when he finally is settled.

Ken got home and it was perfect timing and we just sat and talked. I just wanted to be held, it was a hard, long week. We had a nice dinner with Jack and Stella, then came home and relaxed until bedtime. I didn't end up sleeping well, tossed and turned trying to get comfy. I guess its the sign of 3rd trimester coming. Then I woke up at 4am, totally wide awake. I went downstairs and surfed the net for awhile, catching up on blog friends. I went back upstairs and watched a cooking show in bed, it was a baby shower one where they were making 'baby sized' food, yummy. It was fun and helped mellow me out. My body was still on 'go go go' mode I guess. I think I finally fell asleep after 6 sometime when Ken was getting up. Too bad I didn't sleep to long, as Ariel was waking me up before 8am.

Got dressed and walked to the coffee shop to meet Nana's friends. It felt like the right thing to do, and of course Ariel never complains when quiche is involved. Had a nice visit and walked home. Did a few things around the house and then left again to stop in to see Joanie at her shop. Tomorrow we are FINALLY getting Ariel's furniture! Plus the timing of it happening this weekend is nice since Ariel put up with so much craziness the past week, its a special treat for her. Will post pics as we get things together this weekend, whee!

Then we had an interview at Ariel's new preschool. It went so well and I really feel like its the right place for her. She loves her classroom and told us it was 'beautiful'. Ariel was having so much fun that she didn't want to leave! Thankfully the bell rang for lunch, and she knows enough from seeing 'Arthur' on tv that the bell lets you go outside, haha. She yelled 'its the bell! Time to go Mommy, lets go' practically dragging me out of the room. Too funny.

Right now I am going to rest a bit till Ken gets home. We had a friend bring us dinner for tonight, so I am off the hook for cooking. Good timing since I just feel exhausted after this week. Sunday will be the first church service back at the building since Nana died (last week was the outdoor service at May Days with other churches). Pastor Dave will be talking about everything, sharing what happened and details for the memorial we are having June 20th. Speaking of which, we start planning it next week, so lots still going on. Thanks for your continued support and kind words, they are appreciated and I love you all. Thank you!


Brenda said...

My goodness you guys have had a super crazy, busy week. A well earned rest is in order, girl! I'm glad to hear you have someone(s) taking care of you, too.

My family hails from Scotland, too (my dad's dad's side). I have to say, though, your plaid is much prettier than ours (red and black). Very cool.

SarahRachel said...

That sounds like a crazy week. I'm impressed at all you are able to do while pregnant. Will you be able to visit your Papa very often or is he too far away? You are doing amazing and handling everything so well. Very impressive. Hugs!

Jan said...

Oh my goodness! Your photo of great grandma is your mum dressed up in old fashioned clothes.

What a wonderful gift!

Thank you for sharing all the details of the week, Janet.

I have left it to God if he wants to provide a ticket. It would mean the world to be at the memorial.

lots of love,


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