Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And The Days Go On...

First off, thank you! Thank you for your support, love and prayers in this time. Seeing your kind words meant so much to us all. Its been a rough few days, and the shock is wearing off leaving the sadness that comes with these sorts of things. Its weird that its almost been a week since it happened. Lots of things have happened since then, and the ball is rolling so quickly at times, its hard to keep up. First off, the biggest concern was getting Papa a new home. He needs 24 hour care and where he was now didn't meet those needs. Nana was taking care of him, so a big decision had to be made... where does he go? After the research and meeting with people, it was discovered that if he was stay on the main land, the only place available was in Burnaby... which was much too far away for everyone, and frankly seemed cruel to drop him there alone. So then a place was found in Comox on the Island, and closer to Bill and Penny. It was hard to agree to let him go, but really its the right choice. We have had the honor of having him and Nana in our town our whole lives, so this was right thing to do. So this week will be a crazy one of packing stuff up and moving things out etc. I figure we will get to breathe after this week.

So Ken left this morning for a whirlwind trip to Alberta, I am really going to miss him with everything going on, but it was planned long before all of this happened. Blah.

The weekend here was pretty mellow. We had some nice distractions that made for some happy times, and then lots of times for tears. Stella brought me some pretty pink roses, which have really brightened up my living room. Nana pink I am calling them.

We finally had to talk to Ariel about things, as best as you can when dealing with a 2.5 year old. She came upstairs and found me crying in bed and basically it freaked her out. She went running to Daddy, hysterical and confused. We all sat down and basically she says now, 'Mommy and Daddy are sad because Nana is gone.' We told her Nana was in heaven, and I think that might be too much to grasp, so the idea she is gone seems to be it for now. Honestly, its the hardest talk I have ever had to have with her. Sigh...

When we went to see Papa off on the Sunday morning, I thought she might ask where Nana was, but surprisingly, she didn't. All she did was crawl up on Papa's knee with her book. I am going to miss these special moments of them together.

Other little moments this weekend included a trip to Costco for much needed toilet paper. I was planning to go on Thursday morning to get it, but of course everything happened that day. It wasn't until we came home from the hospital that night that I was like, oh crud. So we got our big package, and Ariel decided it made a perfect bed for her. Gosh she brings joy in times of sadness, I am so thankful for her.

While at Costco, they had all their plants out, so I picked out a rose to plant in a pot on our deck. Hoping I don't kill it right away, I don't have great luck with plants. Ariel helped me get it into the pot and we added one of my garden fairies to watch over it.

Ken got his article done for the MB Herald, so that will be in the August issue I believe, so if you get that magazine, watch for it. Ariel tried to help as much as she could... I guess moral support. Haha.

We also got to the post office to pick up a parcel from Ken's mom that we missed while at the hospital. Inside was Xander's new crib bedding and a cute outfit. Ariel got some sewing cards, and was thrilled to try them out. I took some time to put the bedding on the crib, so that was a nice distraction. Thinking about him being here in 3 months is crazy. I will need lots of baby snuggles, so I can't wait.

The outfit is super sweet too. A light green with a 'sweet pea' design. I had picked out a sweet pea baby book, so it matches, haha. The clothes are reversible too. I love Janie and Jack stuff, they are so precious. Can't wait to see him all dressed up in it.

Sunday afternoon Ariel got to play model for Maria from Frozen Reflections. She had a good time and Maria sent this picture from the shoot as a tease. I can't wait to see the rest. They are going to be used for a new promotion she wants to do for her business. Very cute indeed, but I am bias of course.

We got home in time to get things ready for our dinner date with Mike and Jo. This was our thank you meal for Jo helping us with our taxes. I pulled out Nana's good china to use on the table, just seemed fitting.

We had a great dinner and visit with them. Ariel and Auntie Jo came up with a fun game of dropping cheese into her mouth, pretty funny.

So that leads me to today and just sitting here taking care of organizing stuff for the week. I really could use a nap... hoping Ariel lets me... its going to be another long week.


SarahRachel said...

Jay- It's so hard when something like this happens to realize that life does go on- even when it feels like it shouldn't. You seem to be handling everything really well. I can't imagine how hard it must have been to talk to Ariel about everything. Thank the Lord for the comic relief our toddlers can provide during hard times, though. I love your new baby bedding and that outfit is precious. Lots of hugs and prayers and love to you

kelly ens said...

Wow - so much going on there. praying for strength to take care of yourself, Ariel & Xander while Ken's away especially.
When is the service for Lois?
Sorry to hear that Papa has to move away, but it is an answer to prayer that he found a place so quickly!
Ariel is looking cute as ever, and the roses are beautiful.

Michelle said...

Hi Jay It's the hardest thing telling a child who isn't quite old enough to comprehend.How sweet Ariel is to climb on her Papa's Lap that's just what he needed and she needs.Hugs and prayers to the family.

Tera said...

I understand about telling Ariel...After I told Brynna about Gramps, she didn't seem to get it. But at the wake, she kept wanting to see him. I'd hold her there and she's say, "Gramps is sleeping. He's in heaven. Mamaw lost her Daddy." It was so hard. ((Big Hugs))
I love the new bedding and outfit!

Brenda said...

Oh Jay, it's both so difficult and such a blessing that life goes on even through such a loss. I'm happy for you guys that you were able to find your Papa a good place near family - that's such such a big change, I know.

Dh's grandpa passed away last week, too - I was leery of taking Mallory along to the visitation and service, but she was such a healing presence to everyone there. And I really think these little ones understand more than we give them credit for sometimes. I think what you told Ariel about Nana being in heaven with Jesus is exactly what she needed to hear.

Still sending lots of hugs!

amanda said...

ariel, what a little fashion model, she can definitely work a stage

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