Sunday, June 21, 2009

Goodbye Nana....

Yesterday was the memorial service and I can't stress enough how loved we felt! From the crowds of people that came to remember her with us, the time people put into baking and preparing the reception, the setting up of the decor and the message and music... it was truly an amazing service that people won't be forgetting anytime soon.

The day started early with a breakfast out with Ken and Ariel. I knew we wouldn't get lunch really until the reception, so I needed a filling breakfast to keep my going. After wards I met up with Stella, Julie and Jo to decorate the church. Julie had boxes of stuff from Jamie's wedding that we reused and made into 'Nana's garden'. We worked solid for about an hour and a half. I had printed out 20 pictures of Nana with different family and friends, and it was a neat way of bringing 'her memory' into the decor. We had so many lovely complements of everything, it was very special.

Rushed home to change and came back to see people already arriving at 1pm, and the service didn't start till 2pm! Then it was a flood of people, some who I hadn't seen in years. Emotionally, it was overwhelming to see so many people that were a part of my growing up coming to remember my Nana. She really touched the lives of so many and really it was just like Mom's service all over again.

Around that time the rest of the family arrived at the church, and Papa was having a really hard time. I found it hard to look at him crying with his head in his hands. It just broke my heart. I think that is were Nana and I were so alike, seeing someone we care about so much cry was too much to bear. Thankfully, we were all together, and we were going to get through it together... tearfully, but together.

The whole service was just a beautiful testimony of the love my Nana had for her family, friends, community and her Lord. I hope I can live to be half the woman she and my mom were in their faith.

My mom's teapot that I filled with pink roses,
a tribute to them both, I miss you!

The music had us in tears, especially after Ken's wonderful telling of the eagle story from the day she died. Then the video I put together was shown and as promised I am sharing it here with you all. Its set to the song 'Remembering You' by Steven Curtis Chapman, a song that when I first heard it reminded me of my mom so much. It seemed fitting to use it for Nana, and in a sense, it really was a tribute to both of them.

Before the eulogy, Uncle Bill had asked if Jesus Loves Me could be played, as it was a tie in to his speech. Originally, he mentioned finding a recording of it, but when I asked if he wanted it preformed live instead he asked about finding kids to sing it. Well I gave Brenda a call since her girls popped into my brain, and asked if they could sing it. She mentioned having Jo's nieces (and the girl's good friends) Anna and Sarah join them and of course it was just perfect in my mind! The more the better I say. Then little Brian wanted to sing too, and that just really made me so happy and honored to hear that. It was a touching part of the service and I think most people had a tear in their eyes. Once the kids finished, Carol Peters took it into a beautiful arrangement only she can do... and something Nana would have loved. She never got enough of Carol's playing.

Uncle Bill did a great job with the eulogy, and was from the heart. Its never easy to put things like that together, and it was a look at who she was from the eyes of her son. Then Pastor Dave's message just was really the way that brought it all together, and was such a statement to how Nana lived her life. It wrapped things together and brought us to a place that we could remember her fondly and move on... of course it won't be the same, but knowing she is in heaven watching us is comforting.

Ken taped the service, but the tape cut off before the last song, 'Because He Lives', which was too bad, but I am glad we have the rest of the service saved. I know several people that will want to see it since they couldn't attend, and we are in the process of transferring it to DVD so I shall keep you posted.

The reception was beautiful and really captured Nana... lots of FOOD! Haha, she was the best hostess and always had piles of treats for company. I think one of the ladies said it best, it was the last tea party with Nana. She would have been blown away, and probably said 'you didn't need to do this for me'... yes we did. Thank you Nana! Thank you for the memories, the love and the guidance over the years. We love you...


Michelle said...

Oh Jay The Picture Video is a fitting tribute to your Nana.I'm crying as I type.Thought of you yesterday lots.{{{{hugs}}} I'm sure she would have loved the "Tea Party".

Kristin said...

I am glad that the day went so well for you.
The picture tribute was very nice, I could really feel how happy a person she was just seeing her smile in all the pictures. :)

kelly ens said...

what a beautiful video - she was such an incredible woman, and had the best smile!!!!
glad to hear how the day went, though no doubt very hard, it sounded very special.

tracie said...

So beautiful and touching!

What an amazing woman to have so many people who truly love and miss her!

Prayers being sent!

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