Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hello 3rd Trimester!

Seriously, when did that happen? Its been so busy around here that I didn't notice until I got an email from some baby site saying, 'your almost there!' Gack! In a few short months we will have our little man home with us, wow. Speaking of boys, is there something in the water, because everyone I know (except Trudy - and I am sure she is glad of it, haha) is expecting a boy... or if they waited to find out at the birth, ended up getting a boy too! Where are the girls?

On the overall pregnancy front, since I really haven't gotten to talk about it since everything with Nana happening, here is a brief update. I don't need my pills anymore!!! Yes, its true, sometime a few weeks ago I was down to one and then poof - none! However, with my iron pills, I do find the nights I need to take one, sometimes I feel I need a pill to help the nausea that the iron brings on. I also had a rough go last week with cramps... from the iron... yeah, you know what I mean. That is all I will say so I don't gross anyone out. My system got stuck, so I was eating lots of fiber cereals, fruits and veggies in hopes of 'fixing' the issue. Thank heavens it only lasted 2-3 days, since I was pretty grumpy. My blood pressure has also been steady around 130 over 75. Woot! I'll take that and be happy for sure. I even got as low as 125 over 65, so that was encouraging.

The heat has been... AWFUL! My bedtime has turned into 8pm so that I can lay in front of the fan. I only go out early in the morning morning and try and be home before noon at the latest. My favorite trick is to hop in the cold shower for a few minutes and then sit in front of the fan... yep, pure heaven. Xander is also getting more active. For the most part, he is very mellow compared to how Ariel was like. I would usually only feel him move around when sitting or laying down. Now if I am out walking I could get a good swift kick or punch. Ooff!

Now some may remember with Ariel that I was getting the old 'twin' comment all the time. I thought this time, not a chance. I lost weight and felt good... not to be. Since I am short and lacking a torso, haha, the baby sticks straight out in front. Usually, I get one or two comments a day along the lines, 'wow, your huge... and you have to still go till end of August?!' or the oldie but a goodie, 'are you sure their aren't 2 in there?!' Um, yeah, I am sure, but thanks for saying you think I look like a whale. My solution to the problem last time was not to leave the house... not so easy this time with Ariel, since she likes to get out for a walk daily. Really, why do people need to say these things? Do they honestly think they are the first one to say it? Perhaps... either way, blah!

Ok, that was my vent, on to fun. Ariel was cracking me up today. She really is a funny girl sometimes. Before leaving for our walk this morning, she had to visit the potty... and while some people read, she always builds a tower while doing her business. Yep, she is not wasting any time while having to stop, gotta get in all the playing she can.

She also enjoys being a duck. This is from her potato head parts we got from Disneyland... always entertaining. Haha.

That's my girl. She is just something else... but I wouldn't want it any other way.

On Xander related stuff. I have been stocking up on diapers whenever they go on sale and when I have a coupon. I found a whole stack of them in a bag from my 3D ultrasound, woot! So I have 3 packages of size 1 and one package of newborns. Still need some more newborns, since one pack doesn't go far, haha. I forgot how tiny they were, so cute, hee.

I also have been continuing work on the stocking, although it did take a back seat for a bit. The beads arrived that I ordered for it, so it has helped kick start it back up again.

Gymboree also had a huge sale, 30% off and I could use a 20% coupon on top of that. So I got some newborn diaper shirts. Lots of blue and Ken is always a fan of baby elephants.

This week I have been full on funeral planning. I got a floral arrangement ordered for the front of the church, and have Jo and Julie lined up to help with other decor. Yesterday I spent a good chunk of the afternoon working on the program. Just waiting on some last minute details so I can finalize them and get them printed. One major task I still need to get further along is the reception. Just need to follow up on some calls, but its hard to remember to do that when you hit the hay at 8pm. Yesterday was a bit hard, as Nana's ashes were delivered from the funeral home. I found myself holding the urn today, almost in a hug. Its not the same... I miss her hugs.

Ken is going on another trip soon too, this time to Montreal for a Pixar event the school is hosting. I am really going to miss him but I know he is going to have a great time, and I actually have some fun things planned too! I am meeting up with a blog friend on the weekend, Kristin and her kids before they move far, far away. I have been reading her blog after finding it off another friend's page. Crazy to think it took this long to meet, but hey better late than never right!?

Tomorrow is coffee party... the first one without Nana. Kinda weird, and hard really. I hate having to do all the 'firsts' again. It makes for a rough year. I was reflecting that I lost my mom when I was 20... and Nana when I turned 30. Gosh it sucks... really, that is the best way to say it.... it sucks. Some days are good... some not so good. I am really aching for Xander to be here soon... something magical about newborns. Straight from heaven... yeah, that is pretty much it.

Well, Ariel wants me to come watch her play on the deck because 'its a perfect day.' Those were her words... now if only she could only understand Mommy's dislike of the sun at the moment.


Kristin said...

I know hey, why did it take us this long! Oh well now we wont regret not having met in person. :)

Oh and I love the duck lips pictures, very funny!

Amy said...

I cna't believe how fast your PG is going! I swear you were just like 8 weeks! I am glad you are starting to feel better! Have a good day today!

Tera said...

Glad to hear your pregnancy is going well. So sorry for the heat...wish I could ship some AC to you. Big Hugs...I know the funeral will be hard. It's been a month since I lost my Gramps...I got out a video of him last night and watched it 3 times. :(

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