Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Perfect Day

Yesterday afternoon I was trying to rest in my bed when Ariel came to me and said 'you need to get up, its a perfect day!' That's my girl. Haha. Well, the weather has been pretty nice, and the rain today has cooled things down, making things much more comfortable for me. Oh, and I am 30 weeks! Talk about entering the countdown... eek!

The past few days have been odd... kinda just getting back into life, although its very different now. I still find myself looking up at white cars that drive by, as if it might be Nana. Kinda strange, and sad I guess. I am trying to keep busy, but its still difficult. It catches me at weird times, like today we got a package from Ken's mom for the kids. Inside was lots of goodies, clothes, toys and just fun stuff. My immediate thought was to call Nana to tell her about it. Sigh... takes time I guess.

Grammy sent lots of fun things, and Ariel was pretty thrilled. She kept saying 'for meeeeeeeeeee!?' Haha. Here are some pictures of her new duds... love the dress, too cute!

Daddy's girl indeed!

Xander wasn't left out either... love the lions!

In the box also were some stuffies from their trip to the zoo, a Fancy Nancy book for Ariel, some cute picture frames and an outfit Dan wore when he was a baby that Liz made! That one I want to save until Xander can be in it, just so cute!

Speaking of fun mail, Xander got this cute outfit from Amy and Boston yesterday.

Yesterday we had lunch with Stella, Kara and Aunt Deborah in Steveston. Sorry no pictures, I forgot my camera. Doh. We had a nice lunch at this cute little cafe, and boy was it yummy. Then Kara went back to work and the rest of us walked down on the wharf, and had some ice cream. Ariel had a bubblegum flavor, mainly because it was both pink and blue... she goes purely on color, haha.

Before that, Stella and I hit the fabric store and I found a pattern for a dedication outfit for Xander. Then found some fabric and trims and woot, all for under $20! I must say, cheaper than Ariel's, but she had lots of lace. Haha. Xander is getting the little outfit with the pants, since Ken didn't want his son in a dress, hee.

This morning the rain was a fun surprise, more so for Ariel as she has been eager to try out her umbrella. My little puddle princess.

We walked down to the bank, got some milk and then Ariel pulled me into the cafe so she could have a slice of quiche. That is her inner Nana, haha. So we had a treat, and thought of her... I must say, it was hard to be in there. Just feels weird, not in a bad way... just different.

Well, I need to get Ariel packed up, we are going to Dad and Rita's for a visit and then they are going to watch her while I go register Ariel for ballet class for fall. I have to go line up and frankly if its raining still, I don't want her to get sick. Blah.


Michelle said...

Ariel must have received a message from her Great Nana to have quiche,Thinking of you all.

Amy said...

LOVE all these new pictures of Ariel!! I am so glad your package made it, and so glad you guys love it!! Keep your head up strong lady, you have so many people who love you!

Kristen said...

Such cute new clothes!! I hope it gets easier for you each day Jay!

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