Thursday, June 25, 2009

King of Pop... dead?!

Ken and I are in shock...really, Michael Jackson is dead?! I came downstairs and saw the report online and called Ken who was just talking about it with his co workers. For us, this is our John Lennon moment. Someone who was such a part of our growing up with the music that really is the soundtrack of our youth. I remember my Dad's Thriller record that I played over and over... although it scared me, haha. The car trips listening to his music are always going to play in my head.

Ken made a really great comment that made me giggle... 'so I wonder what Nana thinks about meeting Michael Jackson in heaven?' Haha, I must say in light of the rough few days I have been going through, it was a joke that really made me smile. We share that humor, hee.

In the end, I hope we just remember the music... cuz really, that was the best of him.

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Megan said...

just stopping in to say hi.. just got all caught up on your news. Des wouldn't have either boy in a "dress" either!!

Megan said...

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