Thursday, March 04, 2010

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Project 365 - Day 63

Today we lost a friend, or more so someone I would consider part of our family. She had a wonderful and long life, and someone I have always known my entire life. Its sad because it seems this time of year always seems to be one of loss. Perhaps that ties in with the season of Lent and the coming of Easter. So today Ariel and I picked up some flowers to plant on our deck, seemed fitting.... Goodbye Taylor.


Oh its been crazy around here.... I miss the Olympics, sniff. Felt kinda like a holiday without actually being one. However now it means catching up on everything that got put off. There have been some long days for me, Ken has been working several late nights and needless to say its draining. We are officially on spring break for Ariel for the next 2 weeks... ugh! Its not that I don't mind having her around more, but she just was so sad when I told her no school or ballet for that time. Tears... lots of tears. Trying to plan some fun stuff to do, since she needs lots of activities to keep her going.

Sunday... wow, what a Sunday. It was the most crazy and amazing hockey game I have ever seen... but then I haven't seem many, haha. However I am told this is true, so I will go with it. I was so tense during the whole game... and really, the ending was practically out of a storybook. The golden goal... wow, gonna remember that one for awhile. That morning we were at church and they made sure to have the service wrapped up right at noon for everyone to get home in time, haha.

When the big goal happened I jumped up yelling and freaked Xander out who was in the exersaucer. He cried, I felt bad. Sorry buddy! He is loving the exersaucer, a loan from a friend from church, which is awesome!

Monday in the mail Ariel got her new monkey friend from Meeka! Minty is now her good friend and is her dance partner.

We got out our Easter decorations this week and set things up. I am glad to see people look forward to the Easter tree, er branch, haha. Ariel loved setting it up, its fun that she is so into everything this year.

Ariel had her parent viewing session this week for ballet. Aunty Kara made it out, which was a huge help when it came to juggling Xander, my camera and the video camera for taping it for Ken. I haven't uploaded the video yet, so I can only share a few pictures.

She is looking older to me again...

Ariel did well, showing improvement on things like skipping, which is really funny to watch, haha. I will try and get the video up in the next day or so.

Xander really liked the mirrors on the wall, haha.

After the class, Kara and I went out for lunch with the kidlets. Ariel ate a pizza, salad and rolo ice cream. I guess she had quite an appetite after her dancing. It was nice to catch up with Kara and she even came back to the house and played a board game with Ariel before heading to work. Fun stuff.

Wednesday while Ariel was at school, I had another meeting with Brenda in regards to the arts summer camp we are putting together. Looks like we may have a preschool component being added, so that is exciting. I am starting to create the promo materials and hope to get them together over spring break, wish me luck.

Today was a mellow day, and so we did a few jobs around town, including working on Grandpa's birthday present. Hee. Can't share since he reads this, so everyone will have to wait. Yay. Later in the day I got a message that my friend Michelle was in town with her daughter Kaelyn visiting her mom. So I packed up the kids and went over for a visit. Ariel loved entertaining the babies, and Kaelyn laughed her self silly.

Xander finally has another baby friend his own age. So cute!!!

Tomorrow we have our last swimming class and as much as I look forward to the break, I will miss it. Not so much the rushing and the task of getting 2 kids dried off and dressed afterwards, but the fun both kids have in the pool. I am glad they love the water.

This weekend is starting to fill up fast. Ken is working on the book, his deadline is fast approaching. Sunday is church, a wedding shower for Amanda and the Oscars that evening. I was hoping to do some fun stuff for dinner that night, but with the shower happening I may not get to now. We shall see. Monday night we are having Mike and Jo over to celebrate Mike's birthday that happened last week. He requested Nana's egg cake and so I had to track it down since Nana's recipe cards aren't organized at all (something I really need to do at some point). Thankfully Aunty Fran had the recipe and I will attempt making it this weekend. Wondering why its called an egg cake, it uses 7 eggs! Its much like an angel food cake, but not as light. I have never made it, so I really hope I don't mess it up. Eek!

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Amy said...

So sorry for your have had a rough past few years! Hang on tight to those little cuties of yours, and it should make you smile!

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