Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring is a time for bling!

Project 365 - Day 74

This is a balloon from Ken's sermon at church yesterday... I have already had to rescue it once from the vaulted ceilings in our home. Needless to say, its tied to the crocodile now.


Oh what a weekend! First off I can finally say that our dear Kara is finally engaged! Woot! It was funny because on Sunday morning I sat down to check email and noticed that Kara's picture on facebook had changed to one of her and Chris. Then I noticed her status said a bit about steak, ice cream and being very happy. I called Ken over and said 'I think it has finally happened, that boy proposed!' Ken wasn't too sure, since we had been waiting for this announcement for ages... through Christmas, her birthday and valentines day, haha. Well sure enough when Ken dropped me off at Stella's (as she was helping pick up the balloons) there was Kara calling relatives about her ENGAGEMENT! I can sense engagements and pregnancies... its a gift, haha.

So last Thursday Stella and I (along with the kids) headed off in search of fabric for the flower girl dresses I am sewing for Amanda's wedding. She had requested yellow, and we had a hard time trying to find the right shade she wanted. Frankly, its the one color there isn't much to pick from. We did luck out finding a pretty material that was close to the right color, and then at the next shop found material to add on top to give it a really pretty flowing look, as well as making it more the color Amanda wanted. Then got some off white satin for the sash (not sure why it looks blue in the picture, must be the lighting in the room). So pretty!!!!! Looking forward to sewing soon, but I need to work on Xander's lap quilt first for his Easter basket.

Speaking of Easter, I also finished the stitching for Xander's egg bag decoration. Just need to sew it together. Yay!

Friday was a cold and rainy day for the most part. So we pulled out the slow cooker and made our favorite sweet and sour ribs, yum! That evening Ken was working on his sermon for Sunday and doing some laundry. His mind was on his work and had a bit of a snafu with the drier... meaning my shirts went in when they shouldn't have. Thus resulting in belly shirts! Being an emotional wing-nut I cried. Ken felt terrible and I went to bed rather defeated and sad.

The next morning Ken had a tech run at the church with Pastor Dave, so I sent Ariel with him and took Xander with me to the mall to get a few shirts to replace my ruined ones. I got lucky with some good deals and now have some clothes that don't look like they belong in Britney Spears videos... back when she wore clothes in her videos. Hee.

'I love my Daddy!'

Later that afternoon we attended a memorial tea for Taylor. It really captured who she was as a person, with the quote 'don't make a fuss and get over it.' Haha. Yes, she was a funny lady, and enjoyed being referred to as 'old lady Taylor'. While looking through some old photos I found this one of when Nana and I went to visit her with Ariel, hard to believe they both are gone within the same year. Sigh...

Sunday was Ken's big day and his sermon was wonderful. He reflected on the movie 'Up' and how the power of story affects us. He tied it in with losing Nana last year, since this movie came out that same week and how it all tied in to how we were feeling. One thing I felt he needed to have as a visual was a big bunch of balloons, and encouraged people to take one to reflect a story they have. I will post the auto recording once its up on the website of our church if you are wanting to hear it.

Xander wanted to be all dressed up special for Daddy's sermon, hee.

Sadly during the whole sermon I had a nasty migraine. Shortly after Ken finished and we went into Lent prayer time, I made my escape to the washroom where I was sick. Ugh. I was so embarrassed to get sick at church but not much I could do. We came home where I rested the rest of the day but couldn't shake the migraine until late in the evening.

In happy news, our little man has been growing and developing so much the past few days. He is sooooo close to crawling and is now much better at sitting up alone. Here he is this morning showing off! Way to go little man! He is an eating machine and will be getting more solids added to his meal plan. Right now he has been getting them only at dinner time, but for his growing body he wants more, in fact if I am walking around with him he motions to his chair where he gets food. Haha. His favorites have been green beans, squash, sweet potatoes, corn and all types of fruit. My children are not picky eaters... I guess it skips a generation. Wacky!

Ariel has been a nut case this week! We have only one more week of spring break before things return to normal... I can't wait! She has been pretty good in the mornings, but the afternoons and evenings are just hard. The two times Mike and Jo have seen her these past few days she was flying off the handle. I'd like them to see her like she usually is, makes me sad they don't get to see her much since they have busy schedules, and when they do she is wacky. At least Xander's mellow personality balances it all out.

One thing I am finally ready to share is that Ariel is going to be in a pageant. Ok, before anyone goes all 'Toddlers and Tiara's' on me its NOTHING like that at all. In fact, its really cute and sweet. While watching local cable a few weeks ago we happened to see what was called 'The Miss Sweet Pea Pageant'. Its a natural beauty pageant, meaning no make up, crazy outfits, fake hair, tans etc. They want girls to act and look like little girls. They get to wear 3 outfits, an age appropriate dress, a casual outfit like they would wear for school and a costume. Each girl gets recognized and gets a crown, so its really made for fun and confidence.

One look at the dresses and crowns and Ariel was eager to try it out! However, trust me when I say I did lots of research and emailing questions before saying yes to Ariel that she could do it. Not to mention Daddy wouldn't let his daughter in anything that he thought was like that tv show.

Here is what Ariel picked out for her 'casual look'. She will get to use her Bo Peep halloween costume again too, so that makes me excited to get more wear out of it. Now she is walking around the living room waving and smiling... even setting up an audience of stuffies that watch her. Kara keeps saying we need to get her an agent... if she enjoys this show, maybe we should, might be a way to earn college money.

Today has been mellow and quiet. Kara came by briefly to drop off my Tupperware order, and Ariel was excited about the new sandwich keepers. Xander was just excited to chew on them. Haha. At least he is happy, it was a rough start to the morning when he rolled off our bed. He bumped himself and got a red mark on his eyebrow. Sorry baby boy! I remember when Ariel rolled off the bed... most likely at this age, so he is simply following in her footsteps. I'd like to keep him 'bruise free' until they get their pictures done with Maria. I have them booked in a few weeks for her annual 'Mother's Day' event, so lets keep the injuries to a minimum.

Ok, Ken is on his way home, so time to get dinner going. Have a good week everyone!


SarahRachel said...

I don't know where to start! =) That pageant sounds really cool- and I totally agree that the OTHER kind of pageant is very different. Xander is way too cute. I love his hair. You sound like a busy bee with all your sewing projects. Thanks for sharing! =)

kelly ens said...

sorry about the shirts :( that's too bad!
sounds like a 'healthy' pageant! GO ARIEL!!!!! :)
i LOVE Xander's church outfit from Sunday - soooo cute!

sleeplessnights04 said...

The pageant is a good confidence booster :o) She'll have a great time; I used to do model searches and Faces West when I was a teenager and I really do love all the knowledge I took away from it. And if you find the right group you are perfect now matter what your size shape etc etc. :o) Ariel is perfect for it! She's a real cutie!

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