Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Project 365 - Day 76

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I made green clover pancakes for lunch today for Ariel and I. When I was a kid anything my mom made green for the occasion kinda freaked me out, Ariel however polished them up with a giggle. Maybe I will try green eggs on her next year, haha.


Will blog again tomorrow most likely... until then, enjoy the cuteness!


Manda said...

Okay so I have to know how you managed to get the pancake batter in the shape of the clovers?? They look absolutely perfect!!! :)

SarahRachel said...

You darn artist types. If I attempted those pancakes they would look like green blobs.
That pic is PRECIOUS. Good gosh, I love them! =)

Jay said...

Hi Manda,

well, I wish there was a big secret, but I just poured 4 small circles using a measuring cup. Once they have a moment to form up I poured the stem. By waiting just a moment, the extra batter added for the stem won't make the whole shape turn into a big blob. My first few kinda looked wacky, so I tried waiting and poof! perfect!

Manda said...

Well you did amazing job I bet they were yummy too!!! :) I'll have to try that next year! :) TFS!

Megan said...

I was coming to ask about how you got the shape too!
I picked up some AWESOME spring silicone pancake molds at Extra Foods a couple of weeks ago if you want to go the easy route next time!

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