Friday, March 19, 2010


Project 365 - Day 78

Ariel fell today, nothing major, just a scrape on her knee. However she cried for nearly 20 minutes about it, especially when I had to clean it. Then she didn't want a band-aid... then she did. I am glad she doesn't hurt herself very much, its too much drama.

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sleeplessnights04 said...

:o( Poor girl :o( Little bro pushed lil' sis off the bathroom stool on the weekend and her front tooth went through her lip :o( My son says to me later - all that blood worried me (as he was still denying he did anything, but a mother knows)I told him that it should :oP Awww the joys of motherhood. He later told dad he was sorry he pushed her; see what did I tell ya :oP

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