Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Project 365 - Day 69

Flowers are so interesting close up... I know I take lots of pictures of flowers, but I can't help it. Hee. With the weather improving we will have interesting pictures again, not just things around our home.


What day is it? Ah, mid week and we are half way through the first week of Spring break. I will be honest, its going ok, but we can tell Ariel is struggling with lack of routine. The past few nights we have seen yelling and tears at bedtime (abnormal for her) and then sometimes sleep walking. Yes, when Ariel is out of sorts she sometimes sleep walks. I remember my brother wandering in his sleep when he was younger, not sure if he does.

Anyhoo, last night while I was watching tv downstairs and Ken worked on his book, we heard footsteps then tears. Upon rushing upstairs, we saw Ariel walking in circles, crying and then having an accident in the hallway. Poor sweetie was embarrassed, and I think was trying to find the bathroom but got turned around in her head. We got her cleaned up and back into bed without her making a peep or waking up. It wasn't till morning that she recalled that she said she was lost at Grandpa's house. Interesting that she remembered her dream. So I am trying to create more routine for her over the remaining holiday, and more outings to keep her busy. She keeps asking when she goes back to school, aw.

Last week we got to meet up with my childhood friend Michelle and meet her daughter in person finally. Xander and Kaelyn hit it off and we hope to get together again soon. They are only 2 weeks apart in age, so its a perfect that he has a baby friend to grow with.

Friday, Ariel and Xander had their last swim lessons. Both the kids passed (although all Xander had to do was show up and smile, haha). Ariel is now a puddle jumper 2, but I don't know when she will do the next level, I think we need a break from being so busy.

That evening I did a radio survey on new music and got a pre-sale code for Lion King tickets that were going on sale the following day. Ken and I have been waiting nearly 9 years for this to come here! Its long overdue, but we are excited that we can take Ariel for her first big theater production. We paid extra for closer seats (row 21 from the front) but we knew it was important so Ariel could see. Not to mention the fact how long we have waited to see this, we wanted good seats. Yay.

Saturday turned into a shopping day. Ken was home and so I left Ariel with him and just took Xander with me. We went off in search of a new car seat since my little man had now pass the 20lb point. Upon arriving and looking at the options, I decided that getting a new chair for Ariel was the cheaper way to go. So I called her and told her what colors she had to pick from and thankfully she was happy to get the new chair.

Showing off her new car seat...

...and Xander in his big boy car seat!

While out I picked up Ariel's first Barbie doll. Ariel had been working towards earning her by not biting her nails. After 2 long weeks she earned her doll, and I am happy to see that her habit has been beaten. She knows that if she starts again the doll goes away, so she is always excited to show me her 'non chewed nails' daily.

Then Xander and I went to the other mall to get Xander some smaller pants. I had gotten him a 6-12 months size for Easter from Gymbo, but they are huge on him, as he seems to have the same issue Ariel had, long torso, short legs. Thankfully I got the last pair of 3-6 months, which are a perfect fit. Xander was pleased and cooed for the ladies in the store, making lots of friends. After a quick bite to eat, we came home and had a quiet night at home and prepared the cupcakes for the shower the following day.

Sunday was a full day in general. Following church, I was off to a pampered chef bridal shower for Amanda. It was lots of fun, especially since I had never been to one before. I ordered a few cool goodies and enjoyed chatting with friends since I was 'childless' for a few hours. Oh it was nice, and my arms got a nice break. Haha.

Amanda liked the cupcakes and the bride and groom berry I made for the top.

Came home and watched the Oscars with Ken and Ariel. I loved the dresses this year, ball gowns are awesome in my opinion. The bigger the better. Haha. I had gotten us some exotic potato chips and boy were they good! A mixture of root vegetables like taro, ruby taro, sweet potato, batata, parsnip, and yuca. They were a hit and lots of fun for something so simple.

Monday started our spring break and I had an appointment at the consignment store for spring and summer clothes. I am happy the 2 big boxes of clothes are finally gone from our storage room. Pretty much everything I had saved from Ariel in case we had another girl is gone. Kinda sad, and with Xander growing so fast its bittersweet. Its going to be hard watching friends have more babies when we can't, but I know it will get easier as time goes on.

After doing the clothes, the kids and I went for a walk to do some grocery shopping and came home for a lazy afternoon. We decorated Mike's cake as they were coming in the evening for dessert to celebrate his belated birthday. The egg cake turned out perfectly, and boy did it remind me of Nana. I forgot how yummy that cake was, and it made me feel good to know I can make it for my kids and share a bit of her with them.

Tuesday was laundry day and we went over to use the washing machine at Dad and Rita's since it would be a change of scenery for Ariel. We did 2 large loads of the kids clothes, watched some tv and came home again. Ariel then helped me with Xander, as she loves feeding him dinner.

Happy boy! He is loving solids, and much like his sister before him, eats everything.

Today we did a Costco run and left for Richmond in the pouring rain, yuck! We went later in the morning then I usually go, but lucked out when it wasn't that busy. Not to mention we got to sample the various samples around the store. Ariel figured it out pretty quickly and was searching for the red tables with yummy treats. We got crackers, cheese, biscotti, salad, noodles with sauce and popsicles. Ariel was full and I didn't need to make lunch, score!

The afternoon was restful as Xander took a nap and Ariel had a quiet time, leaving me able to blog! Woot! However, its time to pull out the leftovers and prepare dinner. Tomorrow is fabric shopping day for the flower girl dresses for Amanda and Matt's wedding. I talked to the other mom last night and got the measurements for her daughter, so we are ready to go pick some stuff out. Its exciting to finally get this started, June will be here before you know it.

Xander is so close to crawling its crazy! Mommy isn't encouraging it at all, haha.

Ok, so that is it from me, but I wanted to share a few cute videos of the kids from this week, since I haven't had any video for awhile. The first clip is rock star Ariel... a future performer, I'd say yes. The second clip is from today, mr Xander showing off his sitting until a certain sister shows up. Enjoy and stay tuned for fabric! Whee!!!


Aimee said...

WOW! What a performer She reminds me so much of Kailey lol! I just taped a rockstar performace myself the other day ha ha she was jaming on a guitar and making up her own song. So funny! What song was Ariel singing to?

kelly ens said...

she really is quite the performer! :)
glad to know Taeya's not the only one that bites her nails. she was doing so good for a few months, and then I discovered some bitten nails again. so back to the nailpolish to try and break the habit again. perhaps i need to reward her with a barbie too - great idea!

Tera said...

Yeah for the Lion King tickets! We saw it on Broadway and LOVED it! I bet Ariel will be completely mesmerized! Can't believe he is already sitting and 20lbs. (I'm guessing he's quite a bit bigger than Ariel was at that age? She's so petite.)

Kristin said...

Looks like another busy week. I know what you mean about the lack of routine, I hope that you'll find a bit of one for spring break.
Xander is such a cutie, and growing up so fast. :(

Kristen said...

Yay for Lion King! I bet that will be amazing! Ariel is quite the rock star! Ella likes to rock too & steal the spotlight from her brother as well! Xander is SO close to crawling! That should make things even more exciting in your home!

SarahRachel said...

Xander is getting so big!! And Ariel is as adorable as ever! I've heard AWESOME things about The Lion King...and your photography is getting really great! =)

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