Sunday, March 28, 2010

Palm Sunday

Project 365 - Day 87

Wanted to share the Lent candles from church. Each week a candle is snuffed out leading up to Easter... however, the dirt that is around the candles has been getting more and more beautiful. The first week it was plain dirt, but as of today, it was blooming! It really caught my eye and I loved the symbolism.


This week has been a blur. We got back into the full swing of regular activities of school, dance and the waiting projects sitting in my pile of things to do. Its been great and we have all fallen back into the routine without much fuss.

The main project this week has been the Summer Arts Camp brochure I have been putting together. I had a date with Brenda on Thursday to go driving around collecting pictures and info from some of the instructors we have on board. We have learned that dealing with artists that sometimes you need to go to them rather than wait for them to send it to you.

Ariel in her fairy outfit

We got back home where the kids and I got dropped off for a break and lunch at home, only to find we were in the middle of a power outage. I didn't know how long it had been out since we were gone, but when calling the info line it stated there was a tree which had taken out some wires, so it was going to be awhile. So much for the warm lunch I promised us with is being a super cold and rainy day.

I made peanut butter sandwiches, which was fine with Ariel and we played waiting for the power. Eventually it came back but the cable and internet was still out. I called the service line to alert them and got someone who didn't really give a darn and was like 'we will send someone out on Sunday' ummmm, no. I called again and got a nice guy who was far more open and professional. Sure enough there was an issue and they were working on it while we chatted. With Ken in the final stages of the book, we don't need the internet down.

It got back up and it was time to take the kids to Brenda's. She offered to take them so I could work on the brochure uninterrupted and then join them for dinner since Ken was teaching. Woot! So I worked hard and got the one side pretty much completed and it was nearly 6pm so I went to dinner.

Xander enjoyed playing at Brenda's house, even falling asleep in the arms of one of her kids, awww.

Ariel was glowing and super happy after a fun afternoon with the kids. Although the girl fell and put her teeth in her lip again. She really loves to do that eh? Its pretty purple but healing well. (My pretty girl... before smashing her lip again)

After dinner Brenda and I worked some more and got the schedule for the camp sorted out. I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to this camp. Its going to be AMAZING! If you are in the area and have kids aged 6 to 13 years old, stay tuned for info. I can tell you this, I will be one of the instructors teaching illustration and Ken is teaching Animation... and that is only 2 of the 8 options we are offering. Ack, so excited!

Friday was mellow mainly because of the crazy running around the day before. I stayed in and cleaned the house, purged enough stuff to fill 2 large bags to donate to Ariel's school fundraiser and made a new recipe for dinner - pork and apple fajitas... YUMMY! We also had coffee with Stella that morning, had a nice walk in the sunshine and basically just let the kids have a 'down day' which they deserved.

Saturday, Ken and I were both wanting the computer, since we each had deadlines. I decided I had some chores to do so I took Ariel out with me to give her some one on one time while Xander slept and Ken worked. We took the cans back to the depot, hit London Drugs and Safeway and had a break at Starbucks (juice for her, coco for me). On the way home I asked if she wanted to go visit the fish at the pet store. She loves seeing them and then today she kinda sighed and said, 'maybe one day I can have a pet'.

We went in and while she looked at the fish I talked to the shop owner. I had fighting fish as one of my first pets when I was younger and figured maybe it was time to share that experience with Ariel. I can honestly say they have made it far easier to get started now than when I was younger. They had a small kit with everything but the fish! So I surprised Ariel and she picked the kit she wanted and then we chose the most beautiful fish.

She was soooooo excited to show Daddy and flew into the house yelling 'Daddy I got a fish!' Ken was thrilled and was gushing that his little girl had a pet. It was so important that we had to go on Skype with Grammy and show her the fish. Blue the fish is now in her room and doing well.

That evening once the kids were in bed, Ken got out the laptop and I plunked down at the computer and worked... and worked long! We turned the lights all out for the Earth hour, but had to keep the computers going. It wasn't till it was past midnight that I could call it a day. I had everything done to show Brenda on Sunday morning, yay!

Sunday was Palm Sunday, Xander's first, eek! Sadly Ken had to go downtown for stuff relating to his book, so we missed him most of the day. I went to church early to take Ariel to Sunday School and enjoyed the practicing of the worship team. Xander loves music so he bopped along.

During the service when the kids were invited to dance around with the palm branches, Ariel freaked. Not usually like her, but she eventually went when her teacher took her hand, only to have her hold her branch in front of her face the whole time! Haha. I think the only reason for it was that she wasn't expecting it. She happily sat at the front to hear the story with the Resurrection Eggs afterwards, so who knows what was wrong.

After church we came home and took over some laundry to Dad and Rita's. While the laundry was going, we went for a walk and Ariel had a run down to see the ducks. It was nice to get some exercise before the rain started.

We got back to fold stuff and then were excited we got to see Dad and Rita as they arrived home from their trip earlier than expected that day! Ariel was thrilled and it made her day.

So that pretty much wraps up the day... except for this. Ariel reading! Brenda gave me a bag of early reader books that her kids used and thought Ariel would enjoy them... she has and just look at what my little girl is doing. Eek, I am proud indeed.


Aimee said...

Go Ariel! That's awesome!

kelly ens said...

i like the dirt around the candles...neat how that is set up.
love xander with the palm branch :)
such a cute little fish for Ariel. Taeya is constantly wanting a pet - a dog or a cat, but a fish would be a good pet for a little girl :)
go ariel!

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