Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Photo Crazy

Project 365 -Day 82

I wanted to get some pictures this morning while Xander and I walked around town while Ariel was at ballet, but my battery was dead, so I had to get my picture from my deck instead. Here is my garden fairy, I love her.


So last Friday was coffee party at Lynn's place, which was nicely decorated for Easter... that is sure coming up fast eh? I got to have a great chat with Kara about wedding stuff and offered her my services in helping make invitations as part of my gift to her and Chris. Looking forward to it, but the wedding will most likely be next summer, so no rush at the moment, which is good since I am swamped these days.

That evening we got to go out for dinner with friends to celebrate Erin's birthday. She turned 26, making my upcoming 31st birthday seem that much older, haha.

We had Greek food and the most delicious lamb shank! Ohhh, it was sooooooooooo good. It was so nice to catch up with everyone and just enjoy the night without the kids. I'd like to do it again soon... anyone having a birthday?

Ariel and Xander spent the evening with Stella and Jack and had a great time. Its nice knowing we have such great friends to help watch our kids.

On Saturday morning with Ken home working on his book, I left Ariel with him and took Xander to have an adventure in White Rock. With my driving back and forth to the lady doing our American taxes, I have often seen places that I would love to explore, and so I finally was going to do it. I started by going off to Winners, only to find the location had closed 2 days prior, doh. I went to Pier One next door and got really excited to find our glasses on their open stock shelf. Ken accidentally broke 2 of our glasses several months ago but I bought them as a set at Costco and never thought I'd fine replacements. So it was a welcome surprise and I was super giddy.

Then we checked out Wal-Mart, as I had a gift card that has been in my wallet for over a year. I used it to pick up some coffee for Ken and some other odds and ends. One item was a Barbie doll that I will use for Ariel's birthday cake. They had some on clearance and this one has a painted on bodice which is perfect for decorating purposes. I finally got to go to H&M, a store my friend Trudy was always telling me about. I found some cute accessories for Ariel's party and a really cool white shirt for Xander. Before calling it a morning, I saw the Cupcakes shop and brought one home for everyone... I think Xander was cheesed he didn't get one too. Haha.

In the afternoon, I spent time taking portraits of Xander, practicing capturing the light in my subject's eyes. Been reading up on the subject, and wanted to practice it.

Loving some of the shots I got...

... may need frame a few...

... but lots to pick from, haha.

Sunday was church and spending time with Ariel. Since she didn't get to come with me on Saturday, I took her for an adventure walk in the afternoon. She wanted me to do pictures with her like I did with Xander, so I did (would I ever turn down an opportunity?).

She had a ball and it was sooooo warm and sunny.

We walked a long way and I noticed a sudden change in the weather and started getting us to head back... only we didn't get far until it started to dump rain! Ack!!! Ariel and I took cover a few times. I was feeling pretty silly not bringing our coats, but it was so warm and sunny, didn't think rain was coming at all! Ariel was a little cheesed I think, but as soon as we got home we jumped in the tub to have a warm bath, that made it much better. That and a cup of tea, ahhh.

Monday... oh my goodness, Ariel woke up and came down the stairs. I said, 'guess what? You have school today!' She stared at me and said, 'but its Spring Break.' I replied that Spring Break was over, and she squealed and ran upstairs to get changed. Needless to say, it was a good day in our home. Haha. I dropped her off and she barely said goodbye she was so happy to be back.

During her class, I went to Stella's and sewed the top of Xander's new little baby quilt for his Easter basket. Its the dinosaur fabric I bought awhile ago, and I am happy to see its finally getting done. Looks super cute and I just need to finish it up now... maybe tonight?

After picking Ariel up, we then headed to Brenda's where I had a meeting regarding the summer arts camp we are planning. We want to have our brochure done before Easter, so we are planning to get everything collected by Thursday. Brenda said she would take the kids so I could have a few hours to whip it off, yay.

While we were talking we heard Ariel scream. We both bolted and found that Brenda's dog had nipped her hand. Of course Brenda freaked out and got the dog into the garage while I tried to calm Ariel down to try and find out what happened. I knew she had to have done something to make him react. At first I thought she tried to pull him, but it turns out he had some treats and she tried to take one to feed him but he got possessive and tried to protect them. It was an accident and I am thankful Ariel's hand was fine. I had Brenda bring out the dog from 'time out' as we told Ariel, and had him apologize. I wanted her to face him so she wouldn't develop a fear. I am glad I did that, Ariel forgave the dog and said sorry too. It was unfortunate, but it happens. Since I love animals too, I know there is always 2 sides and he was reacting like a dog can when protecting something.

After some more chatting and Ariel playing with the kids when they got home from school, we came home only for me to remember we had no milk. So I kept the kids in the car and drove to the store and ended up doing a week's worth of groceries. Thankfully both kids were in a great mood, something surprising at 4pm in the afternoon. On the dinner front this week, we are gonna try a pork and apple fajitas this week, yum.

This morning Xander got up earlier to nurse and fell asleep with me and at some point Ariel climbed in too after Ken left for work. So when I got up the kids were all cuddled together, very cute!

Then it was ballet and I found out my little girl's feet grew big time over the 2 weeks spring break. She went from a size 9 shoe to a 10.5, crazy! I picked her up a new pair while she was in class, on top of the several other chores I had to do.

Xander got to try out his jean jacket Grammy gave him back at Christmas. It was super cute and again I played photographer with him.

Mommy's little model.

Ariel wanted to get in on the photos too and I got this of her in her favorite rainbow dress.

Then we had a huge skype chat with our friends from the states. I love that thing, makes the world smaller... to my other friends from far away, if you get on skype let me know, we can set up a chat. Skype is free, all you need is a webcam. Woot!

Ok, Ken is working late, so its time for dinner for the kids and I. Have a great evening.

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kelly ens said...

always so much to comment on:
-isn't it nice to go out for dinner with friends? so refreshing!
-loveloveLOVE the pictures of Xander; he is SO cute!
-obviously, i also LOVE the pictures of Ariel - especially the one with all the tree blossoms
-unfortunate about the dog, but i agree that you handled it well by having her face the dog shortly after.
-the fajitas sound great - take pictures, please!
-i canNOT believe Ariel's feet are so big, or that Taeya's are so small. Taeya's an 8 and no where close to a 9!
-love the two kiddos sleeping in your bed...so sweet.

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