Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Family of 5!

I have been meaning to write all about our newest family member but I have been enjoying him so much I haven't been online much this week except to post photos on facebook. What can I say, we love our fur baby!! He was worth the wait and we are all madly in love with him.

The adventure started early Monday morning. Ariel was taking the day off school to join Stella, Xander and myself ride the ferry boat to Swartz Bay to meet Joanne the breeder. Its been awhile since we road the boat, and the first time the kids had ever walked on vs being in the car. We parked the car in the lot, got a ticket and headed onto the 9am boat.

Since we left early we ate breakfast on the boat, Ariel and Xander both stuffed themselves with waffles, eggs and bacon, while all Mommy ended up with was toast, ha!

The ride over was nice and smooth. We walked around the boat a bit, the kids each got a small treasure from the gift shop and played in the kids zone. It wasn't long till we arrived at our destination... we were all eager to see Meeko! Xander kept looking out the window, I can't see him!!

We walked through the building to come off the boat and as we came through the doors there was Joanne with a tiny, furry head sticking out!!! I so wish I had gotten a photo, but I was too taken with our new little guy. He was so tiny, smaller than I remember Lucas being. The kids were in love, slowly reaching out their hands for him to sniff. Ariel was a bit more shy than I expected, but Xander was just wanting to get as close as he could, which was a real different reaction than I planned.

Joanne took us over to her van and we got to snuggle Meeko and fill out the paperwork. Such an exciting day, so we quickly texted Daddy at work this photo.

We chatted and asked questions about everything that I still had floating in my head. Joanne was telling us how hard it is to say good bye to the pups, I can't imagine...but I promised lots of photos. We headed home with our new boy on the 1pm ferry, this time going to the 'pet room' on the lower level. It was helpful to have Stella take the kids up and get some lunch and come back while I hung out with Meeko.

We dropped Stella off when we got back on the mainland, and headed home to introduce Meeko to his new surroundings. He had a lovely personality so far. He is very easy going, and likes his nap time and FOOD. As of today he is more comfortable and warming up to us, by coming up and wagging his tail. He was happy to see me in the morning so that was special. He sleeps so well in his crate, not a peep from the time we put him to bed till we get up in the morning. His potty training is going well so far, he was trained to use a potty patch, and for the most part does well with it with us. Makes living in a townhouse manageable with him and his potty needs.

We put on his new name tag on his puppy collar he came home in. The one we picked out for him will fit him in a few months most likely, but we love this one because it has hot dogs and sandwiches haha. His markings are stunning, he will be a gorgeous dog when he is full grown. He has a tiny white spot on the back of his head, haha too cute!

I have been taking Meeko on the porch in the mornings to get him use to our area. He is from a very quiet place on the island so the sounds of traffic I am sure are a change. He likes to stand and listen, then usually starts to shake a bit and wants to be snuggled. Shelties are generally timid dogs so there is much training that comes into getting them comfortable.

In the coming weeks Meeko will get the rest of his shots and then can start puppy classes. Lots to look forward to and we are excited to watch the kids grow up with him. 

Welcome to the family Meeko... we love you!

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Lisa Thomasse said...

Stella is so cute !!!

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