Saturday, August 03, 2013

Last Month of Summer

Hello August, you came quickly! Before you know it will be September and back to school for the kids. This month is filled with wedding orders, birthdays and a few family visits. Should be a wonderful month of fun!

We survived the 4th summer of the Imagine That Arts Camp, and had a record number of kids come, 135 I believe was the final headcount. Its always tiring but so inspiring to live such an intense week of art. We had both Ariel and Xander take part as well. Xander in the preschool class and Ariel too mixed media and sewing. They loved their time there and it was great to see such a different Xander at camp this time, taking part and making stuff vs not making stuff, haha. We look forward to next year and enjoy our rest... ahh.

(you might have to watch the video via youtube)

The Saturday following the camp was Ariel's birthday party with her friends. Ariel had wanted a ballet themed party, and wanted Auntie Kara to come and teach her friends, so once we compared schedules the only weekend that worked for both of us was that one Saturday after camp. At the time I always forget how tired I am after camp, but we managed to pull it off.... although there were tears about 1130pm the Friday night following the Celebration Night for camp as I was trying to make Ariel's cake last minute. After a short moment of 'ack' things started falling into place and the cake was done and the scene set.

Ariel awoke the next morning and LOVED her cake.

Our theme was snowflake ballerinas, after I had seen a beautiful craft of making a ballerina with a snowflake skirt... it was the whole inspiration for the party theme....but I realized that I forgot to make it, so that stunk as it tied everything together, as its kinda odd to think snow with ballet, oh well. Something to laugh about.

I pulled out some stuff from my Christmas stuff and kept things simple and sweet. The ballerina with the snowflake skirt was to hang from the light... doh... maybe I can photoshop it in, haha.

Ariel was dressed in her favorite ballet dress up outfit and ready for her friends to arrive. 

The girls arrived, dressed in the blue tutus we had gotten for them to wear. I made little head pieces for them to add to the fun. Its amazing how much they have grown since last year. 

Auntie Kara brought her pointe shoes for the girls to try on, Ariel was thrilled!!!

A pretty special party indeed! Kara helped choreograph a cute dance for them to perform and tape, which I emailed to the parents following the party. A big thank you to Kara for making Ariel's 7th birthday so special!

Ariel got her present from us early, Saige, the new American Girl doll she was longing for. The girl loves her dolls.

Then on Sunday morning we had our Art's service. Kara had worked with a group of our church's girls for the past several Wednesday evenings for a dance presentation. Most of the girls don't have much dance background but they did such an amazing job, it was so awesome! Do watch the video, it will make you smile.

(you might have to watch the video via youtube)

This week I was back to my regular cake orders and helping order the Royalty jackets for National girls. Speaking of which, we got the photos from the pageant, these are a few of my favs!

Ariel in formal wear and personal introduction

Personal Fashion, love this outfit on her!


Speech Arts  

Crowning! See those directors chairs behind her, that is what she gets one with her name on it next summer when she finishes her service. She is very excited about it!

Royalty shot

Ariel is excited about her jacket, I'll post photos when it arrives. They are super cute! As for now, we are just packing her up for her 2 night mini camp experience. When did she get to be old enough to go to camp?!  

Ok, off to finish the laundry... whee!

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