Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fall Fun

Its been a fantastic fall thus far. Lots going on and keeping us busy and smiling as the weather gets cooler. We have had some crazy fog lately too, so thick, I don't remember having several days in a row like this before, and it lasts sometimes for the whole day! So wacky!

We had a simple Thanksgiving over at Dad and Rita's. Before we left I snapped a few shots of the kids in their pumpkin outfits from last year that still fit, woot!

Of course one with Meeko too! He is pretty much full size now, and as you can see, he is our 3rd baby. 

The holiday weekend also marked our family visit to the pumpkin patch. We were having a great time until some crazy lady accused me of stealing her pumpkin... yeah no joke... she proceeded to take it from our bag and walk away... that was just WEIRD!

 Yep, the pumpkin hats still fit too, yay!

Gosh I love these guys, they make life awesome! They are growing up so fast!!!

The following weekend was Ariel's big pageant! We got all packed up and checked into the hotel on Friday afternoon. Ariel was excited to see her friends and they had so much fun stuff planned that we were always busy. I am still waiting on the photos, so I will do another post when those come in. I will say that besides starting to get sick on Saturday, she did her best and won Mini Grand Supreme in the 4-9 year old group. It was a first time for her to get that high of a title, so it was very exciting! She won a beautiful crown, sash, trophy, gifts and $25 which she put towards a book at her school's book fair.

Mommy upon coming home had to spent the next few days sewing like crazy to finish the halloween costumes. They were pretty pleased with them as you can see. Done just in time for the local family event in the village on Thursday night.

Princess Leia... in the throne room dress, in case you are wondering where the 'buns' are. She liked this gown better, more her style. Haha.

My little Luke Skywalker... he loves this costume... seriously loves it.

During dance this week its 'Halloween costume' week so for each class she has been wearing different outfits, depending on the class, as some are easier to dance in of course. Today for jazz she wore her cupcake fairy outfit, and I painted up her face. So pretty!

Today I had 2 photoshoots, both went extremely well, and I had wonderful weather which is half the battle! I am pretty zonked now. We concluded the day with dinner at Mike and Jo's to celebrate Henry's upcoming 3rd birthday. It was nice to have dinner made after a busy day of working, so it was a treat for sure. We got home and Ken and the kids fell asleep in our bed reading Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe. Thankfully I managed to wake at least Ken to carry everyone to their own beds, as I could have ended up on the couch.

We have harvestfest this week at a local church where the kids do AWANAS. Looking forward to some fun with the kids. They have been really enjoying Cubbies and Sparkies. Ariel finished book 2 and is on to book 3 now. It was amazing to see her memorize Psalm 23, something I did around her age. I think she learned it faster than I did. Xander is nearly done book 1, and is already telling me how he will be a Sparkie next year. So proud of them and how its helping their spiritual walk.

Well, I did some editing but I am getting cold and tired, so time for bed! Zzzzz


kelly ens said...

Wow! You have been busy! Sounds pretty fun though - congrats to Ariel on her title :) great Halloween costumes!

obat ace maxs said...

just blogwalking.. Nice post and have a nice day :)

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