Monday, July 25, 2011


aka catching up! Finally... good grief so much to say. Lets start back at the beginning of the month. We just celebrated 4th of July and we moved into wedding week for Chris and Kara. I took Ariel out for a nail party at the salon to celebrate her flower girl role, and to have a special date with my girl. She is such a doll and had a blast. She got both her toes and finger nails done, including flowers with jewels, very cute.

Later that day was the rehearsal where both kids seemed to handle their roles well. Xander and James quite enjoyed the wagon, and Ariel liked pulling them for fun.

After dinner Ken secretly dropped me off and I ended up doing a fun and silly photo shoot with Kara and her bridesmaids. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time, and it was so much fun. The next morning was wedding day. I took Ariel to get her hair done at the salon. Kara has asked for an up-do with a gerber daisy and we did just that.

I dropped her off at Stella's to get dressed and head out for pictures with the rest of the wedding party. She was very excited.

Came home and got Mr Ring Bearer ready in his duds, very cute!

We joined up with the wedding party later only to have both boys crashed out asleep... which didn't lead to positive pictures with Xander. He cried, probably being woken up too quickly, too many people and just overwhelmed I think. I felt bad of course, but at least later he was happy and went in the wagon for the ceremony.

Later during the reception speeches he even wandered up while Chris and Kara were talking and said 'HI' which was so funny and cute. The reception was fun, Ariel danced most of the night and we mingled with friends. It was tricky keeping track of the kids, especially Xander who was wanting to just do circles around the buildings, we had to take turns letting him roam. We finally packed it in and drove home with 2 sleeping kids. The next morning Ken went to church while I let the kids sleep in. Later we were invited to the present opening BBQ so we wanted everyone happy and rested.

Monday morning Ariel was off to dance camp for a week of full day fun! She was going from 9am to 3pm and had a blast! She got to try some new forms of dance which was eye opening and she really enjoyed the jazz and musical theater the best. I was really blown away with her ability to adjust to a full day, and I totally expected her to be dog tired at the end of the day.... not so! She came home as if she had been gone at a 2 hr class. Can we say ready for full day kindergarten?!

Here is a sampling of her performance from the end of camp.
Then the following week was VBS, but not until we awoke Sunday morning to Ariel with a swollen eye! I was pretty sure it was pink eye but to be on the safe side I tried taking her to a walk in clinic before church only to find out the doctor was out sick that morning too. I ended up going into the ER to ask if they knew of another walk in open and told us to stay, so we did. It was in fact pink eye and the doctor sweetly told us how to clean it and which drops to get. Thankfully Ariel was very accommodating to getting them put in her eye and by Monday morning she was looking normal! It was stunning how fast she was bouncing back.

However, by Tuesday Xander had it in both eye bad!!! My poor baby was inconsolable, and clung to me for 48 hours straight. Needless to say I had no sleep those few nights, and was so tired and emotionally spent. Of course I ended up getting the dreaded pink eye too and it sucked. Bah! However I am happy to say we are all pink eye free. Woot!

VBS (Vacation Bible School for those not familiar with the term) was a blast for Ariel. She went every morning for a week and made lots of fun crafts and I even heard her singing the songs around the house. So cute! She is already asking to go back next year, and I am more than happy to accommodate her request!

In between all this excitement I have been busy with lots of orders! Too many new favorites to name so check out all the pictures on Jaybird Creations!

So that leads us today and the start of Imagine That! It was a great first day and I am excited for the rest of the week... so I better get to bed and rest up for tomorrow!

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kelly ens said...

busy and fun adventures! :) aside from pink eye, of course - glad that's over for all of you :(

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