Saturday, July 30, 2011

Imagine That!

Wow, what an amazing and tiring week we had! Haha. Our Imagine That summer arts camp ran this week from Monday to Thursday with a celebration night gallery and show that same evening. We had about 100 kids and it was a success to say the least. With this being our second year we have learned from our introduction and found things running very well this time. Of course we look forward to growing from what we learned this year and preparing for next summer.

I taught classes in handmade gifts and photography while Ken taught animation. Ariel was in the preschool class and Xander had a nursery babysitter keeping him on site in case he needed a Mommy fix! Its always amazing the stuff the kids create in a matter of days, I LOVE what Ariel did in her class lead by my good friend from college Andrea. Check out some of her art from this week, including a sewing snake and cooking little quiches and cheesecakes, yum!

My group in handmade gifts made earring holders, painted jewelry boxes, cupcake bath bombs, bath milk, gourmet popcorn kits with 2 topping flavors and a pair of earrings and necklace.

My photo class was fantastic and the kids had an amazing gallery of images that were wowing everyone! I taught the class as a 'artist vision' vs learning shutter speed etc. They all had little point and shoot cameras and I wanted them to learn they can take amazing pictures with them just learning layout, rule of thirds etc. It looks like I will be teaching a similar class come fall when we offer 3 of our more popular classes as after school options. Very exciting... as if I didn't have enough to do right!?

Friday night we had a wrap up dinner and discussing how the week went and how we can improve. I ended up coming home and cooking a batch of cookies and cakes for a weekend order, never ends eh?

This morning I was up REALLY early and baked like silly until I had 4 levels of cake for a wedding cake order for the holiday Monday. I then iced the cookies and other cake for the order for pick up tomorrow and then at noon we headed out to Granville Island... as Ariel had a special appointment!

We managed to find a parking spot, it was nuts on a sunny Saturday afternoon as you can imagine! The shop we were going to was recommended to us by a friend saying it was a fanastica place for getting your EARS PIERCED! Yes, Ariel was joining the ranks of the older girls with getting something she has been eager for. We decided going into Kindergarten was a big deal and deserved a special treat. The lady put on the numbing gel on her ears and covered them with bandaids, then sent us out for an hour. We had a yummy fish and chip lunch, which Xander loved!

The island was packed but we enjoyed the time we had wandering around until it was time to head back and get the big event underway! Ariel picked out her earrings, beautiful white gold with a pink sparkly stone. The lady took her time marking Ariel's ears until they were perfect. Then she got into position and 'poof' one ear was done.

When the lady asked if she felt anything Ariel grinned and yelled NO! She couldn't believe one was already done! The second one was just as quick and she was done showing off her beautiful earrings to Daddy who was just as beaming at his little princess. Its a big day for her, a moment we shared together and I loved it!

Xander was less interested of course and was more into his car ride!

After all our fun we came home so Ariel could skype with Grammy and show off her earrings while I filled and iced cakes. I have to fondant them all tomorrow, but I think tonight will be one of relaxing! Ahhh.


kelly ens said...

So glad to hear/see how great Imagine That went!!! :) Very neat stuff!
Ariel looks so proud and excited about getting her ears pierced :) so cute!

king Eyes' said...

very cute pictures i like that. thanks for share

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