Sunday, August 07, 2011

Hello August!

Well we are finally getting summer it seems, pretty hot and our place is extremely uncomfortable when dinner time rolls around. Blah. The kids seem not to mind it much, so that is a plus. Ariel has been taking swimming lessons this past week and has another week to go. I may sign her up for another 2 weeks since we don't have anything booked and she is enjoying them. We shall see...

I have had a few BIG orders with my cakes keeping me hopping. One was on the holiday Monday, a 4 tier cake for a huge Indian wedding. My Dad helped me to deliver it as I didn't have enough room in our car with the kid's seats, so we went off together to drop it off. We were both stunned at the sight of this reception! It was gorgeous and straight out of a magazine for a celebrity with a 150 foot tent filled with tables in gold linens with extravagant centerpieces. There was a separate tent for the food and a giant ice sculpture that was stunning. Large golden arches were in place leading from the main tent to the sitting area outside with the traditional Indian musicians playing. Dad was trying to calculate how much the whole thing must have cost, I was asking why I didn't get a gold elephant when I got married? Haha.

The one thing that comes with a large wedding is craziness. I came at the time they asked for the cake to be dropped off, but my contact person wasn't there yet. So one of the family called and they said just to set it up on the table in the main tent... only there was no cake table set up. After another call, I was told to find the decorator. Once found I asked where the table was to go, she points to a table out in the middle of the open field. I then said, they told me it was to be in the tent to keep it cool since its super hot. She then snaps at me that she didn't think I was coming and I can move it myself. Now this is no small table, its a massive round table covered already in linens and roses petals that would need at least 3 people to move. Since I was choked by her rudeness, I held it together and stood my ground, 'no I am sorry, you are going to move it, that is YOUR job, I am here to drop off a cake, that is all, thanks.' I can honestly say she didn't seem pleased that I was fighting back, and sent some of her assistants to move the table into the tent. I did offer to help at that point but they turned me down, oh well.

Then Dad and I carried the pieces in and I assembled the cake and took a picture, always key in these situation so you have proof that you left the cake perfectly in tact, in case someone comes and knocks it down before the client sees it. I was really excited since this was my first 4 tier and it looks so nice, yay! Then we had to wait... as my contact still hadn't arrived with my payment. Thankfully the groom's mom eventually did and proceeded to pay me my few hundred dollar fee with 10 dollar bills... yes that was a lot of bills.

This week I was featured on a blog called Big Dreams Mama with an interview regarding my growing business. It was fun to do and exciting to share with everyone. Check it out if you haven't read it yet!

The rest of the week was pretty quiet but Xander wasn't feeling great so it hard. Stuffy nose and a cough, making him look very sad and miserable but I am happy to say he is finally back to his adorable self. (The happy artist at work) Ariel has been a touch cranky, but I think its due to the lack of real schedule, we are eager for school to start... how many days left? Hee.

We did go and hit some of the back to school sales and get a few things for her wear, this one is one of my favs, just too cute for words! Ariel is loving the plaid skirts and knee socks, which make for very adorable looks and very Rachel from 'Glee', which makes Mommy grin, hee.

We had a quick visit with Maureen and Andrea who were in town and they brought the kids early birthday gifts of paper and markers, always a hit and they have been getting lots of use. I also got to go to coffee party and it was nice to see the ladies and catch up.

The remainder of the week was cake business, a castle, a shark and a drum. The castle was a challenge, mainly because I kinda made it up as I went along. I had a basic idea what I was going to do but somewhere along the way I changed the plan, lol. All the cakes have been hits, and it makes me smile, I love seeing their reactions and the excitement that comes from seeing their ideas come to life. This week I have another smaller wedding cake and a Dora cake, whee.

Well its time for bed, hope you all have a great week.

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