Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Xander

Today my son, my little man... my baby, turns 2. Its official, you really aren't my baby anymore, even though you will forever remain that in my heart. I remember the moment I saw your little face, and the mop of hair on your head. The thought of having a son was both exciting and scary to me, but you instantly wooed me and wrapped me around your finger. You are indeed Mommy's boy!

So much has happened this year for you in terms of growth and change. Shortly after turning one you started to stand and then walk... which turned into running, and you haven't looked back since. Unlike your sister, you have that wild nature of climbing and jumping from great heights, without fear of course. This is something Mommy hasn't done well with, but we are both getting better. You have adventure in your soul and I look forward to seeing what you do with it as you grow.

You also have a sensitivity that I love. You snuggle and love us all with a fierce loyalty. You never miss a beat when Ariel asks you for a good night hug. Your kisses make my day whenever I am feeling down. Your giggle is infectious and we can't help but join you. I love when you cling to me, shy and nervous about sometimes meeting someone new. I know one day you won't need me like that, so I will enjoy this time while I can.

This year your love of anything with wheels has grown! You love McQueen and Thomas the Train, spending hours pushing them around on adventures in our living room. Having to locate them nightly is a bit of a chore but then its not too much to ask... except your hiding spots are getting more and more creative.

In the past few months your language has exploded! Suddenly you are using lots of phrases and new words. I love knowing what you want, rather than the whining, I think you agree, haha. We still don't understand everything you say, but its getting easier. Your voice is just too cute and I love when you make up a song and sing with your ukulele. You have a love for music and a true inner talent we think. Grandpa was pretty impressed with your drumming already, we hope you grow in this gift, as music is a big part on both sides of the family.

Your hat has become your trademark, and whenever we go out we constantly are stopped with people wanting to say how much they love it on you. Its so funny how you love it too, as we get ready to go out you always say 'where hat?' and put it on your head. Like father like son, its adorable and I hope you wear it for years to come.

Dear Xander, what else can I say except how thankful I am to be blessed with the gift of raising you with Daddy. I can't believe its been 2 years, they have gone by too fast but I look forward to the next phases with you with anticipation and glee. I can't wait to see what the year brings... I am sure there will be wheels, music and snuggles involved.

Happy Birthday my sweet boy, I love you.

Always and forever,


Kristin said...

Happy Birthday to your cute little man! :)

If Xander is 2 that means we are only 2 months and 1 day away from Jeriah's 2nd birthday. Eeek!

kelly ens said...

VERY sweet! Happy birthday Xander! :)

Justin Rogers said...

Wow, I think your going to be a great Mother forever. Keep up the good work!

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