Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Xander's 2nd Birthday Party

We celebrated our little man's birthday this past weekend with a fun and simple construction party. Can't believe he is 2!

Xander was far easier to please in the cake department, only wanting something with wheels. When he saw his cake he said 'wow! vroom vroom!

We kept things very relaxed, mainly since it was more family than Xander's little friends (since one of them was away and unable to attend). Just playing and eating, the best kinda of party. Haha. The food also fit Xander's favs with the menu being hot dogs, potato salad and chips. If you have never had the opportunity to watch Xander eat potato salad, it really is something to behold. Hee.

The kids loved the video, especially Xander who squealed with every picture. When putting it together I saw how much the little man has thinned out this year. Baby fat is pretty much gone now.
His story was also well received by the kids. After Ken finished reading it he handed it Xander who started looking at it again. I am glad he loves it, with all the wheels why wouldn't he. You can see the online version HERE.

Xander got some lovely gifts, including several new diggers and more pieces for his wooden Thomas the train set. He was thrilled and has spent countless hours playing with them.

My babies are growing up... its strange and wonderful... but mostly wonderful.

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kelly ens said...

love this theme :) the cake is awesome (no surprise there!) and it looks like it was a good time :) Yay!

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