Monday, September 19, 2011

New Life

Today I dropped Ariel at school at 9am and left.... and didn't go back till 3pm. Welcome to the new phase Jay, school! I called my good friend to see if she was around for a walk and visit and we did just that till noon. It was good just to unload some stuff I was working through and just enjoy the time with an adult! Yes Xander was there, but he was enjoying the ride in the stroller and you would have never have guessed he was there, haha.

Anyhoo, here are some things I am looking forward to with having only one kid at home:

- better cleaning schedule! This one has been bugging me for a LONG time. That darn preschool drop off, pick up schedule never was one for helping me get things done, since by the time I got started it was time to go, and things were rushed and not done how I liked them.

- working out! I miss this, a lot! Enough said.

- getting back into baking and filling the freezer, especially with Ariel in school I need to make muffins and stuff for lunches.

- sewing and cross stitch! I haven't picked up my needle in ages, so many project I'd like to finish, and Halloween costumes to start.

- my business! I look forward to the time to spend on orders, editing photos etc, and not feeling like I am taking time away from family.

- XANDER! He is probably my top priority but he is so much like Ariel in the respect that he loves independent play time. He goes off into the land of make believe with his cars, its so cute. I watched him play the other day, having the cars talk to each other, one giving the other a push when he needed it... so so so sweet!

Well, I have been a single mom this weekend as Ken has been in LA for work. I am looking forward to him coming home tonight, as I am soooo tired. For the most part the kids were good, but one morning the alarm clock went off at Ken's super early time (thanks to Xander for turning it back on) and lets just say we started that morning far earlier than I would have liked. Ugh. I got the kids to church but had some rather impressive bags under my eyes.

I managed to keep us on schedule for the most part, but I will say my kids had far more macaroni and cheese than I would usually let her have, but it did keep me from having to cook big meals when I was dog tired at the end of the day. One night Ariel wanted sushi so I didn't argue, haha. I am thankful for my hubby, glad he will be home soon, yay!

Well I need to make Ariel's lunch for tomorrow morning. Bye!

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