Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trucking Along

Here we are at week 2 of our gradual entry to Kindergarten. Things are still going great, Ariel gets more excited each day as they increase the length of the class. Today she finally got to bring a snack, haha. Tomorrow is her first lunch, so Mommy needs to make is special, hee.

Monday marked the opening of the dance studio and Ariel's joining the big kid programs. She was giddy waiting till it was time to go. Mommy had to get a picture and without fail Xander had to be in it.

He is turning into such a ham! He just loves to do whatever Ariel does.... he had to go into the studio and meet her teacher too, and wailed when I carried him out. Oh dear, maybe he will be in the hip hop class one day if this keeps up.

I think Xander is actually missing Ariel around the house, as sometimes he asks 'where Ariel?' So sweet. We are enjoying our time together, and he really has come into his own 'big boy' self. He prefers to walk with me in the store without being in the buggy. He helped carry groceries and was just 'oozing' cute everywhere we went. I have noticed his understanding of instructions is really sharp and he is communicating more in sentences, not that we understand all the words but he sure does. He is also a gardener... at least someone got a green thumb in the family.

Last night I attended my first PAC meeting. I knew several of the people there from church, and I really enjoyed it. I signed up to help with the hot lunches each month, and met the gal the head of the team so that was fun. Looking forward to jumping in and being very involved. I was impressed with the meeting and those leading things.... and Cobs bread came to bring a cheque and free goodies for taking part in their school 'dough' program.

Another exciting thing happening is Ariel is joining Girl Guides as a Spark! I went to sign her up with Sarah's mom on the weekend and get her into the troop with her other friend, whose Mom is also the leader. There was a flood of people as everyone wanted in that particular troop too (its very popular) and so we didn't know until late afternoon that we did in fact make it in, yay! Ariel was so excited and I am so excited Ariel is joining our family as the 3rd generation girl guide, I will make a special post on that in the coming weeks.

I have been pretty busy with Jaybird Creation stuff, a few cakes (the orders are picking up again now that summer is over) lots of photography stuff and some graphics projects. I had a extended photo shoot with 19 people on the weekend and it went great. The kids were all so great and took direction well... even the baby! I posted a few shots on the Jaybird facebook group but I should have some more stuff posted on the website soon too.

Speaking of which, I need to get back to editing so I can watch Parenthood tonight! Yay for fall lineup. Hee.

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Mary said...

You have been really busy. It is great that that your daughter is making such a good adjustment to school. This was my first visit to your blog, but I'll be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

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