Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rain is Finally Here!

Hello FALL! Well, technically it is still 'summer' but with the arrival of what feels like fall rain I think we can safely say we are heading into typical west coast weather. Hee. Ariel has been dying to wear her boots and rain coat again, and Xander too as he finally has a set that fits him. (Lets forget those boots Mommy tried to make him wear last year that didn't fit, oops.... and a proper rain resistant coat - but in my defense he was in the buggy most times so it didn't matter.) So cute in their rain gear!

With the rain brings the cool days and it has been nice to work on a cake without it melting in minutes of it coming from the fridge. In fact, I was done in record time last night, trying something new with how I prep and I think I may do this from now as it was a success. I know its not that exciting to all of you, haha, but its news for me.

Today was the beginning of ballet for Ariel, pre-primary! Very exciting for her and it meant we had to get new gear since, a) she out grew her stuff from last year and b) she had to wear light blue now. So pretty, I do like the blue on her quite a bit!

First official bun of the season, haha.

Without fail Xander was at the door too, my other dancer. Haha.

Class went well and afterwards we went to the local bakery to have a cookie with friend Sarah. When we arrived we saw they had hired someone who knew how to do royal icing, as the counter was filled with fancy cookies. The kids both picked SpongeBob ones, pretty cute!

Right beside the bakery is a thrift store and right out front was a little red and blue tricycle. Xander saw it and ran up and sat on it. Well that was it, we weren't leaving it, and the price was right, $5. It will need some tightening up but otherwise its in really nice condition considering. My boy was pretty excited, can you tell?

Our local Blockbuster is closing, which we knew was coming since the company announced bankruptcy back in the summer. Anyhoo, everything was marked down %40 and so we went to look and see what we could find. The kids found a Wii Cars game, the Gnomeo and Juliet dvd movie and I got the first season of Ugly Betty dvd set all for $20. Woot!

Speaking of good deals, I had ordered jeans for Xander from Old Navy's sale (I had gotten 2t ones earlier but they were HUGE on him so I saved them for next fall and ordered some new 18-24 month ones... yes he has tiny legs!) He looks so cute in them.... even these are a tad big on him too!

Well the story starts when I went to pick up the jeans package at the post office. I was surprised they couldn't fit the bag into the mail box since I knew it would be a small bag, but whatever. Got the bag and was floored as it was HUGE and heavy. Upon opening it at the counter as I was confused what was going on, I discovered Xander's jeans and several other items I didn't order. I pulled out a pair of ladies jeans, a fancy top and a bathing suit top and bottoms. So I called customer service and told them what I found and they had me reseal the bag and send it back as a return, and then emailed me a discount coupon as a thank you and sorry for the trouble. Wacky!

Oh some celebrity named her new baby Xander, same spelling too. Perhaps the chances of finding Xander's name on stuff is going up? Ha!

As of Monday Ariel is going to school from 9am till 3pm everyday. She is uber excited and I am looking forward to not worrying about forgetting the pick up time. Looking forward to falling into a regular flow now that everything has pretty much started. Sparks starts next week, and that is pretty much the last thing to get going. Whee!

I met with Maria this week to look at the pictures she took of the kids a few weeks ago. This is the one we are getting printed for Xander's room as a canvas. So awesome, and will fit perfectly in with his future big boy room design I am planning for when he gets his new bed.

Even though the shoot was primarily for Xander, we did get a few of Ariel with her doll Julie. I love how they are dressed similarly. Too cute!

Well I need to get the kids organized with some grub. Bye!

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kelly ens said...

fun! i LOVE the picture of Xander that Maria took - SO cute :)

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