Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Kindergarten Rocks

Today was the day... the day Ariel has been waiting all summer for, the start of KINDERGARTEN! She picked out her outfit for the big day... trying on 3 outfits last night before deciding on her special t-shirt. She looked so grown up and surprisingly I didn't cry, I was more proud of my girl.

Mommy kept taking lots of pictures documenting such a huge day in her life. Xander wanted in on the action, grabbing his own backpack and standing beside his big sister. He sure loves her, so cute.

We walked to school this morning, Ariel deciding not to ride her bike, I think she had a bit of nerves setting in. I can't say enough about how wonderful the walk was. Not having to go through the town, with the busy streets and stinky cars. Ariel actually asked what the smell was and I was, that is nature!

It was fun talking together, working out her nervousness for meeting her new teacher and meeting new kids. As we made our way up the last sidewalk towards the school we got to meet the crossing guard. She was a lovely gal who eagerly welcomed Ariel to school and that she would help her cross the street every morning. We arrived at school and once seeing her old friend from preschool, Ariel was now excited again. She peaked in the big window looking into her classroom.

We got to finally go in and meet the teacher, who was reminding us so much of Grammy! Ariel whispered to me, she really looks like Grammy, and I totally had to agree. Rather uncanny actually. Ariel checked out everything in her beautiful and bright classroom. I took it all in, looking at all the details and part of me wished that this had been my classroom when I was that age, I had an 'interesting' Kindergarten experience to say the least... but that is another story for another time.

Class was very short, and will continue be for the week and the next as they do a VERY gradual entry. Honestly I think the girl went to preschool longer on her first day than she will go in general for the week. Oh well! We checked out the 'spirit wear' they had on display near the office with Ariel's official school mascot. Time to order a t-shirt and show our school pride! Yay!

Following class we went to Grandpa and Rita's who took us to lunch at the Triple O's. A good way to celebrate I think... Ariel agrees.

Tomorrow we are meeting with the teacher one on one and I am looking forward to that. I am just so beyond excited and feel like this is the start of a great year for all of us!


kelly ens said...

very cool! So exciting...and yet so hard to believe they're in Kindy already! i guess some kids really need the VERY gradual entry :)

Kristin said...

She sure is looking grown up! Very cute outfit. :)

Kim said...

Wow, what an awesome way to start out the year!! I love Ariel's t-shirt!!

missmarble said...

She looks so grown up! I am really liking the walk to school too. Way less stress than driving to preschool.

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