Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our Princess is Five

5 years ago I was holding the most amazing gift ever given to me. I was blessed years later to have that blessing again, but this was a first, a moment in time in which forever I was changed from just a woman into that of a mother.
My sweet baby girl, who healed this broken spirit and brought forth joy where there was sadness. My 'lioness of God' who came in a way that challenged me physically and mentally... not only 14 days late but against everything that I had prepared in my head. In typical fashion, she came with originality and with an audience as everyone was so patiently waiting on her grand arrival HER WAY. Not much as changed really, haha. She loves to perform, and she is going to do it her way, the best she can be.

Ariel there is so much I could say to you on this day, but the main thing I can not express enough is how much your Daddy and I love you. Your smile is beautiful and kind, your eyes dark chocolate with a sweet sparkle that dance like you do. I am amazed at your grace and delicate nature at such a young age. Your determination is always noticed by those around you, and I hope it stays with you as it will help you to succeed always. You are always convinced you can do better not only in activities but in your heart. The kindness you have for those around you melts my heart and makes me proud.

Your feet ever since you could stand were ready to dance. I love how you spin and twirl whenever you get the chance. I laugh when you deem a dress wearable by its 'spin out factor'. The hair you continue to grow to great lengths to match that of Rapunzel is reminiscent of your love of fairy tales and dreaming. Never stop dreaming Ariel, anything is possible with God in your heart.

Your spiritual growth has been a blessing to watch. The questions you ask are so though provoking or at times make us laugh with the view of childlike innocence. Its amazing hearing you start to sing a song you learned at church around the house while you play.

This year is one of great change and you are so eager and ready for it. Kindergarten being the biggest event, and one that makes me truly realize how much you have grown. Its a milestone, one that starts the great journey of school that I hope you continue to love over the years. I will miss you during the day, but know how much you want to learn and grow. Its so cute to see you play 'school' with your toys, in your eagerness to start.

Your little brother admires you so much. He loves your silliness and your antics together may drive me nuts at times, but they make me laugh like nothing else can. Always be there for each other, for one day when I am gone, I want you to be close. Family is forever.

Ariel, today you are 5, a whole hand! I wish you a year of adventure and joy. You are our princess, we love you!

Much love,



Kristin said...

Happy 5th Birthday Ariel!!!
Hope you have a fantastic day and a really fun birthday party!

kelly ens said...

Beautifully written, beautiful pictures!
Happy Birthday Ariel! :)

Tera said...

Such a sweet post! Ariel is definitely a beautiful little girl- inside and out! I have loved getting to watch her growth through your posts. I always think she and my Brynna would be the best buddies...dancing and being princesses together. I'm kind-of glad our Indiana rule says I can't send Brynna to K this year! One more year at home with me. :)

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