Monday, July 23, 2012

Cake Break

I am busy baking 12 cakes at the moment... yes 12. I have to have them ready for tomorrow for my class I am teaching at Imagine That tomorrow... its gonna be a long night. Anyhoo, while I wait I am catching up on the old blog. Here is what has been happening here.

First up, Ariel had her big Summer Finals pageant. It was a huge event, which she practiced for and invest lots of her time in preparing. They had an interview, introduction, talent and outfit of choice on top of casual and beauty wear. It was out in Langley so we had to be up early to drive out there, and that meant getting up early, ugh. When we arrived and checked in we got our program and SURPRISE - Ariel won Pink Photo back cover girl!!!! My other photo of her for natural was a runner up too, so Mommy felt good, hee.

Yes our pink lemonade photo I took won and she got a special large crown at crowning!!! Yay, here she is in her fancy crown, all of the girls were so excited for her... I can't stress enough how wonderful these girls and the moms are. Its like a big family... not toddlers and tiaras. We have made some great friends and Ariel loves seeing her buddies.

The event was awesome and Ariel was knocking it out of the park! So when they announced at crowning the winner and runner up was literally half a point. So when Ariel got called for runner up, I was so proud!!! She did her best and did so well. She won some optional categories, best introduction, prettiest smile and prettiest hair. She got lots of treats, including a super cute stuffed kitty that she LOVES. We will be getting some photos from the event in the coming weeks, so I will post them when they come in.

After our big day we had a big treat for our girly, we saw Mary Poppins!!! We didn't tell Ariel but took her down on the train and surprised her. She was thrilled and we all loved the show. We were in row 3 on so we were close enough for her to really see their faces and the dancing, which she really got a kick out of... especially when 'Bert' dances on the ceiling.

Today marked the beginning of Imagine That summer arts camp! Woot!!! My classes are packed full and all the kids are wonderful... I do have a nibbler in my older group (aka, one who is only taking the class to eat, she wanted to know when they get to take their cake home... and she ate all her bow loops for her cake instead of saving them, lol)  So, like I said at the beginning, I am baking 12 cakes, its a tad nuts and I am not sure what time I will get to bed but I need to get them done. They can only use the 'cake dummies' so long, haha.

Ok, back to baking... bye for now!


Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

Congrats to Ariel! Someone I know on Twitter (Michelle Kent) told me to look you up because we live in the same town and low and behold it's you! So funny. I blog too. Small world.

Jay said...

Haha too funny! I am gonna go check out your blog! :)

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