Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lessons from a lemonade stand

This past week sucked... really sucked. Not only did I come down with some sorta nasty bug, but Ken had to leave for Miami on Wednesday until Sunday. Single parenting is tough enough, add on the illness and lots of work and you get a 'breakdown!'

The Monday and Tuesday before Ken left I was dead. I didn't move from bed, except to get Ariel to dance camp and pick her and her friend up who was staying with us until her mom got off of work. Thankfully the girls were good and Mommy could just lie down and rest. Xander had a touch of the bug too, and just rested with me for the most part. Wednesday came and at least I could stand but my throat was in serious pain. I plugged through my work because really I felt fine, but couldn't swallow without bursting into tears. Needless to say I lost 10 pounds that week because I could barely eat or drink.

Friday was Ariel's final class and the big show. It was great, and I was happy to be able to sit comfortably through it. This was her favorite dance, super cute!

Following the show, Ariel was invited to the water-park with her friend, so it allowed me a nice time to work with only Xander around, and he is easy going and mellow, so its all good.

Saturday came and all the cakes were done and ready for pick up. It was that morning that I realized we needed to take a few quick pictures to send for her Summer Finals pageant coming up. They had a side photo contest for natural and 'pink' themed shots. We needed to get a pink themed one and I thought ooh lemonade stand, so we made up a quick stand, she posed and we were done... I took the camera in, and came back to help clean up and Ariel was selling to the neighbors!

She was so excited! Ariel has been asking forever to have a lemonade stand (as a book she loves at bedtime has the character do one). Since we didn't have to go anywhere and just wait for people to pick up cakes, I agreed we could leave it up and she continued to sell happily. The afternoon came fast and the neighbors in our building dwindled, and Ariel soon realized the only way to get more customers was to move down to the street. Since Dad had come and taken Xander for a bike ride, we moved her stand and then I was just amazed...

... people would pull over in their cars to come have a lemonade and cookie with her. We met some amazing people from our community. A sweet old man who was visiting from Victoria who needed help to learn to dial on his new cel phone. A huge truck that pulled over that had identical TRIPLET babies in the backseat, so cute!!! The big man with the tattoos that had to stop because he remembered all the people who stopped at his stand when he was a kid. It just went on and on and the girl earned $37! We talked and decided that half would go to our Dalit project at church and the other half would go towards our family Disneyland trip. Ariel was pleased and wants to do it again soon... I have a feeling we will, it was fun!

This weekend we are gearing up for the big pageant. Ariel has been practicing her introduction and interview questions whenever we get a chance. She had a brief moment of forgetfulness with her talent dance but a few tries and working it out and it came back. Its a lot for her, and I am so proud she wanted to try something this big. They really spoil the girls so she will excited with her goodies but its still lots of practicing and work on their part. Go Ariel go! Here is her new head shot I did, LOVE it!

My throat is much better, although I am still hacking a bit. At least I can swallow now. Food never tasted so good the night I could finally eat again! Ariel is at VBS this week but also has an acro class at dance in the afternoons so its a full week of fun for her. Xander I think wishes he could go too, but next year he will be old enough, yay!


kelly ens said...

OOOH, NOT fun being sick like that! Glad you're on the mend now.
I'm VERY impressed with Ariel's lemonade stand - so great to have met people in the community and people remembering what it was like when they were kids :) awesome!

Kim said...

Sorry to hear that you were sick, but yay for being on the mend!! That is such an awesome lemonade stand story! It sounds like you met some really neat and interesting people! :-)

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