Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines and Painting

 Happy Friday! Also known as professional day for Ariel. Yes, the princess is home today and it has been a nice relaxing day. After all the craziness on Valentines Day its always good to have a quiet one. Yesterday was a blur. Both kids had school and valentines for their friends. We started off the morning by getting the kids in their shirts and Ariel with a heart in her hair.

 We had a simple breakfast since the kids never eat much, but I had some cute cups and plates for them with a small treat.

 Ken left for work and I got the kids to school. Ariel first with her treats for her friends, cards we made with new photos I took last week and some bubbles. I was on a quest for non candy treats this year. Ariel did all her own writing again this year and got her whole class done in record time.

Then off to Xander's school and his first valentines experience with classmates. With the size of the class they wanted the cards just to be made out to 'my friend'. I helped Xander write his name on a separate piece of paper and scanned it so we could add it to the cards. With his, we made heart shaped crayons which I totally loved.

They look so pretty all together. Thanks Pinterest!

Since it was my friend's day for picking Xander up I got to come home and wash the floors and tidy up for our dinner later that evening. Xander came home with a full bag of treasure and got a really kick out of looking through the colorful cards and treats. He gobbled up anything that was candy pretty quickly. 

We picked up Ariel later and she too had a good collection of treats. Most of the big ones had been eaten in class already (I saw at least 2 kids bring cupcakes). 

The kids helped prepare dinner, we made soup and little heart shaped pizzas topped with chicken and asparagus. Yum. They were proud of their cheese adding abilities. Haha.

Daddy finally got home and he had brought some roses home for us girls, pink roses for Ariel and red for me. Very sweet!

Dinner table was all set up and had some candles and our family photo. 

Dessert was chocolate covered strawberries, ooh... and there might have been twinkies... I promised Ariel she could try some, she didn't like them but Xander did. Haha.

Now today I was hoping everyone would sleep in, not so lucky, Xander was up in our bed at 7ish and Ariel followed at 8ish. The kids played until it was time for Xander's gymnastics class. We got his photos back today, so cute! Won't share the class one since its other kids, but this one of him on the trampoline is priceless.

We had a treat of Subway for lunch and then had some painting time. Ariel had a acylic paint kit she got back for her birthday that I dug up and gave her some help in painting something special. 

Its tricky trying to break the 'it should look perfect' idea kids learn in school. It drives me nuts actually. The idea that organic shapes can be beautiful is hard to explain. After some practice Ariel started to get the hang of it and had this great piece finished. 

We also did some watercolor, and Ariel really started to get it then. We did some abstracts and some fun techniques I knew she could try.

I am working on an order for our church this weekend. Lots of cake but simple design, trying to think of what I might like to try... guess we will see what strikes me tomorrow.

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