Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Spring is Coming

The weather has been all over the place, one day super beautiful and the next dumping rain... so it must be Spring! 

I packed up the valentines stuff and unloaded our Easter things. With the starting of Lent I wanted to get our 'Resurrection Eggs' out since they were packed and we missed doing them last year. Which means we are getting closer to our house anniversary! Eek, almost a year, hard to believe!!!

Xander and I went out to look for a few new things to add to my decor since I wanted to do something with my cool glass jar thingys. We picked up some naturally colored eggs and a nest that Xander really liked. 

While out we decided to hit Ikea and Xander finally was tall enough for the play room!!! By a hair, seriously, a hair. He didn't care, he had been told so many times he was too short so it was a big day for him. I think he did a cannonball into the ball pit from pure joy. He waved goodbye and I got a nice hour to myself just wandering around. In that time I actually found a really cute carpet for our living room, AND it was cheap! Gosh I love Ikea!!!

I picked Xander up who was happy to see me and we went to have meatballs for lunch. We sat near the window and watched the cars go by. It was nice to spend some downtime with him, feels like I have been so busy that I don't get these moments like I did with Ariel.

After lunch we stopped at Home Depot as I wanted a light switch plate for our bedroom, yeah I kept forgetting to get one. While there I found some spray paint that could work in fixing up our vanity in our bathroom. The vanity itself will need to be replaced at some point when we redo the bathroom, but this helps make it more tolerable in the meantime.

The next day while both kids were in school, I went up to the Point for a mail run and decided to look for these beauties. All I see on Facebook right now is people talking about 'Chicken & Waffle' chips. Simply out of curiosity I managed to find one of the last few bags and brought it home for testing, haha. Strangely, both Ken and I were pleasantly surprised at how good they were. Tasted kinda like honey chicken, better than I expected. Would I get them again, the girl who prefers plain flavored chips, yes I would! Gasp!!! Would I get them soon... no, because I am 20lbs down and rather keep it going down vs up, ha!

Ever seen ducks sitting in trees? This was a new sight for me, but I guess this is a normal wood duck thing I am told!

I got a last minute order for a cake this weekend and I took it on since its an easy design and a friend from high school. Looking forward to it since its kinda weird not to be working this week.

I hung the kid's Easter bags, I just need to sew up our family one, maybe this weekend. Its super cute with bunnies and duckies. Speaking of my cross stitching projects, I finished my stocking (still needs to be sewed) and will be starting Ken's, and at this rate we will both have real stockings next Christmas. Did I mention how great it is to stitch again. I love having the kids older and able to understand not to touch my projects like that.

Today Ariel had an American Girl doll play date with some friends from church. It was pretty cute that the 3 girls arrived with their dolls in matching carrying cases... I wish I had taken a photo. They had a great time and somehow all ended up wearing Ariel's pajamas... also wishing I got a photo of that but it was just too funny to see them come down and show us their silliness.

Well, Ken should be home soon and I need to get to bed, have a cake to decorate in the morning.

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