Monday, March 04, 2013

Spring Break is coming... SOON!

Its amazing how fast things are flying by these days. Lots of work, projects and stuff to keep my feet racing but I got to be lazy today... I sat on the couch with my cross stitch and watched episodes of Parenthood I taped ages ago and hadn't watched. It was heaven... and after a rough weekend I needed it.

I don't want to go into too much on here, but long story short I had a 'unhappy' customer who no matter what I did was going to be happy. It made for a sad Saturday with tears and confusion. Come Sunday and a wonderful message from Pastor Lee (did I say how blessed we are to have him!) I felt much better. We had Lee and his family over following the service for lunch and a visit. We really hit it off well with them, and the kids have a great time together.

The big news in the house is Ariel has FINALLY got a loose tooth! It is one of her top front ones and its getting quite wiggly. I was asking some of the other moms what the going rate for teeth was with the 'tooth fairy' - these kids get it far too good. However, the first one is going to be special, especially with the fact she has waited so long... at least for her. I am looking for a pattern to make a tooth pillow, so I need to get that together asap the way that tooth is shaking.

We went to an Oscar party downtown, enjoyed ourselves with yummy food and won some fun prizes - a $50 gift certificate for dinner at the Stonegrill and a hotel stay downtown Vancouver. Hoping we can use it when we go to our concert... if we can convince someone to take the kids over night. They are both toilet trained haha, so that should help right?

Spring break is around the corner and we are set with swimming lessons for both kids and I let Ariel do some special things at gymnastics. They were offering cheap special classes in learning to perfect cartwheels, rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline etc. We are also hosting Ariel's classmates, the 3 other gals, over for a 'late over' - basically the fun things about a sleepover, pjs, making pizza, ice cream and a movie, only they get picked up by their parents to go home to bed. Needless to say they are all thrilled and its something fun to look forward to.

Well I am done, ready for bed. Zzzzz


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