Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March is flying by...

I still am in shock that Spring Break starts next week, well its starting sooner for us since I am keeping Ariel home the last 2 days. I can't tell if the girl is actually sick, but she threw up on the play ground today, not a lot but she was jumping around being silly but she isn't showing any other signs of illness. Eating well, perky, no fever, the only thing that was odd was she was a tad tired, but we had time change so I don't know. Either way, I am playing it safe so she can get some rest before swimming starts next week.

In other news, Ariel ALMOST got to be in photo shoot with Clive Owens and Juliette Binoche for a movie being filmed here. They were looking for a blond 5-7girl who did pageants, and the director of the pageants we do (she is also an agent) gave them Ariel's name and photo. She was one of 4 girls they looked at, but in the end picked our friend Marley, who is much more blond than Ariel, and a tad younger, so like they say in show business, we weren't what they were looking for, haha. It was fun being up for a chance, and its a story to tell, plus we love it went to a friend. In the end Ariel was sick today when the photo shoot happened so probably for the best. I never told her about it in case it didn't go her way, figured that was safer... not that she knows who those people are anyways, haha. She is still my star.

I've been having lots of meetings lately helping plan the upcoming Easter season services with the worship team. Its been great to be a part of the group again. I was a part back in the days before kids, so its great to spread some creativity as well as connecting the children's ministry which is my primary reason for joining.
If you are in the area I invite you to come join us! Its going to be a party... literally!

I got the opportunity to help out this week in Xander's class. After dropping him off I got home to a phone call from Pia saying Debbie was sick, so I came to take over and man the 'craft station'. It was lots of fun and see Xander's class in action. He did act a bit funny at first but then forgot I was there and acted in his normal Xander ways.

I took time this weekend after my work to paint. I haven't had that chance in ages and it felt really awesome. Its just nice sitting with a brush and not thinking too much about anything else, which is why I don't paint that much haha.

Guess who went to the eye doctor for the first time and Mommy didn't leave embarassed, Xander! Yes we have come a long way my friends. Just hoping the dentist in the next few weeks is just as good. It was interesting to watch the doctor since when Ariel did her first test she was very confident in letters and Xander isn't... well he is, but he won't say them on comand. Ha! So he got to do the picture chart, and that was cool, and the final results, no glasses. We will go back next year but at least we know this exam we can handle.

Puppy watch update - its been awhile since I said anything about our waiting on our furry family member, as there wasn't much to tell after the last litter resulted in us not getting a dog when the puppy died. Sad face. We got the update that they are expecting 2 litters of puppies, so we should hopefully be getting our dog this spring! The first litter is to be born is any day now, so its exciting again to be waiting for news. They did the ultrasound and are expecting 3 puppies. The second group is to be born in another 4-5 weeks. The kids talk about the dog a lot these days, especially when we see people out with their dogs. There are names rolling around but until we see our puppy its our secret for now.

Finally, Ken will be leaving soon for Australia... I want a dingo.

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