Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break 2013

We have been enjoying our break, the weather was a little late on the notice but its improving this week, yay. Last week we were busy with swimming lessons for both kids, at the same time (score!) and a few other fun activities. This was Xander's first time in lessons and so far so good. In fact, I was expecting some resistance, and for the most part there hasn't been much, except him not wanting to blow bubbles. Now I know the kid blows bubbles, he makes a mess in my bathroom nightly from it, so I told him and the teacher that he knows and he is just holding out. So we went to the pool today while Ariel was in gymnastics and did some practice. So we will see how this week goes. He doesn't care if he passes or not, its been a winning experience for the most part, no crying or screaming, haha.

Ariel is holding her own in swim kids 5. The class is 45minutes now and new strokes introduced and overall she is doing great. I think she will need to repeat it again unless she totally nails the whip kick this week. Her teacher said she is doing quite well, and has them doing more endurance drills since he notices she gets sloppy when she gets tired. So she is doing the full length of the pool 3 TIMES! Seriously!!! I think that is amazing in itself, especially when you see how tiny she is compared to her classmates. Part mermaid indeed!

Last week I had some intense orders that kept me busy, Friday was full day of doing 3 really fancy ones, including these, the Tiffany box...

...and The Cat in the Hat. This was pretty exciting to finish, and fun to look at... sometimes its amazing how they come together, I really should do photos making them some time, as they aren't so pretty in the middle stages, haha.

I took the kids to the mall one of the rainy days and we picked up a new swim suit for Ariel who was still squeezing in to size 4s but really needed something a bit more her age. She picked a cute tankini and loves it.

Then we got each kid a spring outfit, hoping to encourage Spring to show up.

We celebrated Palm Sunday and boy was it exciting to have more than 3 kids wave branches this year. The kids were totally pumped and ran around the sanctuary and then led the congregation in a song. Looking forward to Easter and we even invited friends this year who aren't church goers so that is cool!

After the service we got invited to join some of the other young families to a park playdate, and had a fantastic time hanging out for several hours in Steveston. The kids had a ball and got a good workout while we visited. I am so happy to have more people our age at church, its a huge blessing. We have been lonely for a long time, so on the way home we were both content and eager for next time.

Puppy update, 2 new puppies born, but we are second in line and if the family before us decides to pass we will have a BOY puppy! They other dog is due in another 3 weeks so if we don't get this boy we get a puppy for sure from this next group. The breeder has been sending photos and they are so special and make it hard to wait at the same time. Hoping the next time we share we have a photo of our new furry baby!!!'

A few other tidbits. Ariel and I went to the fabric store one day to pick out some material to make Marie Grace a new dress because that poor girl has no clothes. It turned out lovely and I see lots of doll clothes making in my future. Possibly for birthday girls for Ariel's friends who have dolls like hers. How cool would that be!

One rainy night I felt like comfort food, so we did home made macaroni and cheese, yum. I added some wiener octopus, because I can. I remember seeing these at Disneyland and thought it be cute. Xander ate his head and decided that was enough, haha.

We are going to our new dentist tomorrow, so that is exciting. We have several playdates planned and then its EASTER! Woot! Its been nice having the kids around... it will be sad to see them go back to school next week... and yet I look forward to the silence... just a bit. Hee.

Oh and big news for our little girl... she is going to CAMP this summer!!! After her asking lots of questions after reading about camp, and not finding one that fit our schedule, a friend from church mentioned Camp Squeah has a jr camp program which was 2 nights and its in August which works for us! She was so so so excited when we told her and I am excited for her since I LOVED going to camp. It will be so amazing for her and her spiritual life. So we may decide to do a little 2 night trip near by the camp, just to have a little vacation too, since we never get away in the summer, so we will see... but eek!


kelly ens said...

that is some awesome swimming from Ariel! WOW! And for tears is good :) awesome, actually!
Love those cakes, especially cat in the hat.

i LOVE the palm branch parade by kids - so awesome!

two nights at squeah?! ahhhh, that's amazing! I am not quite ready for it yet, haha ;)

jaxson corey said...

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