Tuesday, June 04, 2013

June... summer is on the horizon...whee!

Wow, we entered June this past weekend, and it came in with glorious sun and warmth that was so awesome! Although I am a tad overwhelmed at how much is happening in the next 3 weeks but I am always amazed at how things fall into place and so I don't get too stressed, but enjoy the roller coaster ride. I am really loving today's semi relaxing day, and a dog curled up at my feet.

I do have one particular week that involves a full weekend of dance recitals, wedding cake order and a few big school events (talent show and sports day). I think the following week I will sleep, haha. So that week if you don't hear much from me, you will know why.

So the big news yesterday was Ariel signed up to try out for the school's talent show later this month. She went to the audition and made it! She was excited but so typically Ariel about it, which is mellow. She said she was nervous and messed up a dance step but did well. The teachers watching gave her more credit than she gave herself and I am excited to see her perform in front of the school. Eek!

We are nearly done her last set of swimming lessons as of this week. She nearly passed swim kids 5 last time, just missing 2 requirements so we are eager to see if she made it this time. I am impressed with how good she has gotten and after talking to our friends and our neighbours who are involved, we are thinking of looking into swim club next summer. We shall see.

Summer is taking shape and we have some plans in place. A tad different than we originally thought but it will all be good in the end. Due to the dance camp dates being different this year, Ariel can't attend which was kinda a sad moment in the house. However both her and Xander are ready for fun at VBS, a first for my little man who has been dying to go the past few years.

*All ready for the May Days parade, a wild west theme. 

Ariel is gearing up for a huge National pageant, with girls coming from across Canada. Its a fun weekend and we are excited to meet some new friends and for her to do her best. Then we all are at Imagine That for a week of crazy fun, Ariel is taking mixed media and sewing and Xander is in Preschool Arts. Ken is back teaching animation and me cake and cupcakes. Woot!  August rolls around and Ariel goes off to camp for 2 nights and we are in birthday season. I think we are having Ariel's early this year in July just for some extra space between the 2.

Xander is nearing the end of his first year at school. Its been a great year, and one of much growth for him. I will blog all about it soon, as it needs a post all of its own. I will share his little alphabet performance, so cute!

Meeko is now 11 weeks old and growing so much! Next week he has his 12 week visit to the vet and his shots. Once he has these, we are safe to take him to the park, puppy classes etc. Until now we could only hold him out and about, now he can be on the grass on his feet. His long hair is slowly coming in, so he looks super fluffy. He wants to chew on things but isn't destructive, more playful. I noticed he is responding more to his name and can do the command 'sit' almost every time.

Xander enjoys his furry friend, and they love to play. This is one of their favorite games, it will be a sad day when they both outgrow the car. Haha.

We have been ending our activities slowly. Sparks ended with the big district advancement ceremony where Ariel moved up to Brownies and Mommy was recognized as a new Guider (leader). We attended the Monday night Brownie troop meeting, the one we are joining and really had a great time. She got her hand book in the mail already and she is eager to start earning badges come fall. It was really cool to see all the older girls in the program and the services they provide to the community. Love the Girl Guides, if you are interested in joining, its totally worth it! Ariel will be a 3rd generation Brownie, a full post coming on that later too!

Been doing some sewing in my brief time away from cake decorating. Ariel is going to a birthday party this weekend and her friend is a huge American Girl fan... and Justin Bieber fan. So for her present, I sewed her doll an outfit and made a tiny JB t-shirt! Yay for photo transfer paper. I already have some people asking if they can buy a t-shirt similar to it, so another business? haha who knows. 

Well I need to get back to my cakes, working on the annual gala for a Vancouver group and prepping for the rest of the orders for the week. Whee!

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