Thursday, July 04, 2013

And then it was July!

Um whoa, when did that happen?!  Oh right we had end of school events, dance recitals, a crazy amount of cake orders and Ken was in New York.... yep that is what happened.

So back tracking, we saw the end of the school year for both kids. First up was Xander, who has not only grown so much in his personality and skills but height wise too... check out that picture!

His teachers were emotional talking of his progress this year and how he ended with a bang standing up with his friends and singing part of a song, which he "HATES" to do in front of people. I was so proud and he was too, I could tell.

We are sad one of his teachers won't be working in his class next year, so praying its a smooth transition for him meeting someone new.

Ariel's end of school first came with sports day with a super hero theme. She loved that and we painted a mask on her face for the fun day.

She was excited to be on the same team as her older friends from church. Ken took the day off to help with Xander so I could enjoy the time with her.

The last day of school we got her report card that she was on to grade 2 and exceeding expectations in several areas of study. So proud of her work ethic at such a young age. Excited to see who her teacher will be in the fall, and looking forward to registering Xander for Kindergarten for fall 2014 so we can have both kids at the same school finally!

Dance photo weekend was crazy as Ken was away in New York for a Pixar masterclass, so I was trying to balance cakes and kids. I am excited to see the photos, I saw the previews and they are gorgeous. I love Ariel's ballet costume, she was a bluebell and it was just so pretty and sweet.

That weekend also marked the arrival of a new family member, I now have a niece! Miss Natalie arrived weighing in at 10lb 9oz, born at home. We got to finally get over and see her amongst the crazy days so we could email pics to Ken who was eager to get home to meet her too. Ariel is very excited to have a girl cousin finally.

Dance recital this year was 3 days of crazy for me, as I wanted to help every night behind the scenes. It was such a great moment to meet some of the 'pro moms' who have been doing this for years. Ariel only danced 2 nights as they didn't have the little ones do the late night show. The days she did dance she was on fire. She loves an audience and I am so proud of her and her 3 performances. We also learned about some quicker changes this year with more routines come getting into other costumes and hair styles. Those new moms I met came and helped me so much as I was tending to herding the kids onto the stage, I got a clipboard, so you know its an important job, hahaha. I was surprised during the thank yous to get my own bouquet of flowers from the studio for a thank you for sewing some last minute tutus. Ariel presented me with them, which was super sweet!

Ariel and I had fun with the pile of fluff as you can see.

Following the last day of school was Ariel and I getting to go see Taylor Swift together!!!

Lots of our friends from church and the community were going to so we were able to ride down with friends, which was lots of fun for the girls.

We had an amazing time and it was special for the both of us. She loved the dancers she had on stage, including ballet dancers on pointe for 'Love Story'

Then Ken and I celebrated our 12th anniversary! Wow, time sure flies when you are having fun. We celebrated with a movie with the kids, Monster's University. It was a fun time together and we do look forward to a time this summer we can get away ourselves.

Now we are full steam ahead for Ariel's big National pageant. She has raised $800 thus far for Children's Hospital, I am so incredibly proud of her. She is practicing and we are excited to see how she does.  Then we are into Imagine That camp time, so the summer is flying and we are having fun!

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kelly ens said...

wow, busy indeed! Love seeing the comparison picture of how much Xander has grown :)
Sounds like the end of the year held lots of exciting things and that the fun will continue - so awesome! :)

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