Saturday, January 18, 2014

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2014... seems like 2013, haha.

So where to start?

Early December was some fun stuff. Ariel got to be in the Santa Claus Parade downtown, which was a blast but lots of work as we helped build the float the few weeks prior to the event.

We were thankful for no rain! The girls looked great and were so well behaved. We had lots of compliments on how nice they were. Dad and Rita came down to see Ariel on the float which was special too. 

Shirley Temple Soda is now sponsoring National Canadian Girl for the parade over the next 2 years, and so they got to carry some on the float... and drink it afterwards. Ariel quite liked it... it was pink! LOL (this was taken by my friend Amber... leading to what happened next)

The following weekend was the Christmas charity pageant, where the girls helped and we had a toy drive! It was then I was told that the soda company wanted to do a photo shoot with some of the girls for their new ads, and Ariel was picked as one of them!

So in the midst of the whirlwind of holiday fun, we had a photo shoot and these are some of the pictures they took. I will share the ad once its released. 

Amber asked if I wanted to do a fun photo of Ariel and I said it be neat to capture her love of dance, and this is what happened... that is baby powder... oh the mess that followed but the photos from it were STUNNING!!!

Our Brownie troop had our enrollment ceremony, most of our girls are first year so it was very exciting. Here is Ariel's circle group the Fairies waiting to take their promise. 

The girls could work on badges but wouldn't get them until they were enrolled, so Ariel got a LOT that night. 

My little Brownie. Congrats sweetie! I am looking forward to doing a post on my Brownie life and how its changed over the years compared to hers. I even have my Mom's old Brownie stuff. Look for that in the coming week.

Both kid's had school performances, Ariel's class were angels, the play was about all the different traditions at Christmas, really awesome and its always nice to have a touch of 'the real meaning of Christmas' in a public school. Did I mention how much I love our school!!!

Xander had a speaking part at his preschool production, something he honestly dreads but worked hard for. He did great, saying his line and flashing a big thumbs up to us watching. I cried, it was a big moment for him and how far he has come. Great work shepherd #2

Then at church we the kids program. I don't have many pictures since I running around with the kids, but Ken got this video of the dance. This was a special one, Kara was due with baby of course and was sitting out and so we had Madi and Kate take over teaching and doing the choreography for the girls. Needless to say its a HUGE job and I am impressed with them. Easter is coming girls, and I know they are excited to do another dance!

We had some crazy snow days, one on the last day of school before the break.

Ariel's school had a skating field trip, and Xander decided he wasn't going to sit and watch. Thankfully Ariel pushed him around the ice several times. Reminds me of Ariel with his determination... way to go Xander!

Ariel's dance studio had a meet the snow queen photo day, and of course it landed on those few days we had crazy snow, but we went anyways and had a great time. Sounds like it was a great success and they will do it again next year.

Christmas was nice. Quiet, and simple this year. We had an early family celebration as it the year Dad and Rita spent it with her family. Deb and Blair joined us this year which was very special. It was also at that time that my pink eye had started. Yes, both eyes, with TERRIBLE pink eye. It hurt so bad, but didn't get to the worse stage until Christmas Eve of course. I managed to get through the discomfort as all of Ladner was out of the special medicated eye drops... yeah, awesome.

Christmas Eve also brought the news of Kara and Chris' daughter arrival. Much like our girly, Aubrey chose to arrive a tad late, but of course it was exciting to hear she finally came safe and sound.  The Christmas Eve service was special, Ken had to film Ariel's special part since I couldn't see, lol, thanks pink eye. There is no greater joy than seeing your child serve the Lord, using their gifts.

Christmas day the kids slept till past 8, and we all got up and slowly started with stockings and Santa gifts. We would eat, open a few things, then facetime with Ken's families during the course of the morning. The kids got some special treats. I had wanted to have more hands on gifts this year, so craft kits for Ariel, and paint and play doh for Xander. I had gotten a lot of the things brand new but second hand on our local swap and shop page. Ariel and I spent most of the holiday crafting, lots of rainbow loom bracelets, beaded animals, pom pom puppies and clay charms.

Xander is showing a very artistic side these days. He is quite the play doh sculptor and painter, so his new goodies are getting good use.

Meeko got his own stocking this year... can I point out that Ken and I didn't get ours finished, and the dog's is? 3rd child indeed! I made it from a pattern I found online. He liked the treats that came in it.

Fast forward to January and a quiet new years eve, chinese food and early bedtimes for most, I stayed up playing with Ariel's loom, making a unicorn, haha. Fun times.

Everyone went back to work and school and lift started rolling again. Xander decided to take a break from gymnastics and is trying out Hip Hop. He is REALLY enjoying it, and usually I am asked everyday if its hip hop day. Perhaps we will have 2 dancers in the family?!

Ariel after lots of pleading the past few years, has finally started piano lessons. She is taking lessons with a lady from our church, and is loving it. Since we don't have a piano, we borrowed a keyboard for home and when we are at church for any reason during the week then she practices on the real piano. So far its working and honestly she is better at it than I ever was. Haha.

I have been under mountains of paperwork lately. From kindergarten forms for Xander to booking camps for my Brownie troops, its been a tad nutty. Work has been busy too. Lots of cakes, to the point it sometimes makes my head spin.  Sometimes when people come to pick up I need to ask what cake its for, that is how many I have been doing, haha.

Ok, I have enjoyed catching up but its time to run and get Xander to a birthday party!


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