Friday, June 10, 2011

Dancing Through Life

Tis the blog about Ariel's ballet viewing and our date to see Wicked (hence the title of the blog, its one of the songs from Wicked, if you didn't know)

First up was our sweet girl's last day as a 'kinderdancer'. Next year she will be in 'pre-primary' ballet and joining Jazz as well which is exciting! Ariel is beyond pumped and is eager to be in the 'big girls' classes.

Daddy was able to join us as he is teaching again this semester so he could move his schedule around as he would be staying late. He is always excited to see her dance, and as usual she was amazing to watch. Miss Julie had told us how good her coordination has continued to be, and her timing and following the music is just wonderful.

We taped a most of the show, but here is just a sample.

During the week I had 2 orders, one for a Mario themed cake...

the other a jazz dance cake (which I booked while in the bathroom at church, lol, probably the most interesting place to do business. Ha!)

Then on Saturday Ken and I left the kids and went to see probably my new favorite musical, WICKED! It was beautiful, from the costumes, music and visuals, we were spellbound! We were in row 4 up front, amazing seats but then it was a present for our 10th anniversary this month! Whee.

We came out of the theater at 5pm to the city filled with crazy Canuck fans! I would have loved to take a picture but I didn't bring my camera, felt like holding hubby's hand instead that day, whee! But to give those who don't live, here is an idea of how crazy downtown is when its the playoff finals... this sums it up.

Xander outgrew his soft sole shoes finally, his big toe actually popping out the front. Since he is starting to be more active outside I felt it was time for his first runners. So off to the shoe store we went and came home with these! He LOVES them, and gets excited when its time to put them on his feet, a good sign I guess. Can't believe my baby will be 2 soon!

Wow, I started writing this on Monday and its Friday... yeah, it was busy, and I PROMISE next week I will catch up on everything. But for now, happy Friday everyone and Go Canucks... yeah, I will cheer for the home team, even if I don't care much, I care for everyone who does. Woot!

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kelly ens said...

yay Ariel! Sweet little dancer :)
those cakes are fantastic - i really love the jazz dancer one (and indeed, what a place to do business - heehee).
love Xander's great!

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