Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mini Vacation... sort of

Well after several days of Ken being off in New York for business (no I wasn't jealous at all, haha) he returned home on Sunday morning. We stayed home from church to meet him and all head to the potluck lunch together afterwards. He got lots of special treats for the kids who were beyond excited to see him. They went running down the hall and each grabbed a leg, pretty special.

Daddy got Ariel some new American Girl outfits for Julie and Joy and a Disney princess nightgown. Xander got some new Cars 2 toys and Cars jammies, both were thrilled. Mommy got a Sex and the City glass and pocket mirror for my purse... the glass I am using right now... hmmm cosmo!

Ken is now taking this week off as a mini break, and since its a busy one for me leading up to my wedding shoot on Saturday, I am glad to have the help. I baked 100+ cookies last night and got the first part of the icing done today. Hoping to finish them tomorrow and then get them bagged on Thursday for the drop off on Friday.

So while Ken was gone I was knee deep in 5 cake orders and they should all be all up now (hopefully) on my Jaybird site if you wish to see them. Thankfully the weather was in my favor and it wasn't too hot but I did at times had to rotate the cakes in my fridge to keep things cool. At one point I took a picture of the craziness haha.

We managed to finish up some other projects with Kara in regards to the wedding. Programs are done, wine labels done and working on pie toppers (which reminds me...) Kara had fun cooking french toast with Ariel while I worked, it was delicious!

Xander also tried out painting after watching Ariel and deciding he wanted to try.

I love his first masterpiece! Do you see a dragon or unicorn? Those were the big ones spotted from my facebook peeps.

Ariel also finished up her gymnastics class. She was so cute waiting to go in, when did my baby grow up! I had hoped to tape her dance but lets just say it wasn't communicated when it was happening during the practice time and they did it but I thought it was still the practice, oh well. Ariel was a tad disappointed I didn't tape it but it was ok, Daddy had seen it the week before and that was all that mattered. She got a certificate for completing the class and we got some slurpees to celebrate!

Hmmm slurpee kids, haha.

We also picked up Ariel's kindergarten schedule and supply list for next year. We found out that she will be in the full kindergarten class vs the kindy/grade 1 split. We were fine either way it went, figuring she would love the challenge of being with older kids or being in the class with the kindergarten teacher we hear so many great things about, so we got the later and are pleased as punch! Ken couldn't believe kids in gr 1 need a flash drive! Oh how the times are a changing. We of course were in the time when computers were just being introduced to schools. I remember the big day in grade 4 going to the lab and getting the run down on floppy discs, haha. Now my nearly 2 year old can run my iphone!

Speaking of my phone, I love it! I don't know what I did before, it makes my scheduling, organizing and keeping things running smoother than ever! Not to mention if I forget my phone I can capture moments like this.... mc rib is back! A joke between Ken and I, haha.

Or my sweet kiddies having a picnic together...

...or Grandpa and his boys Henry and Xander being crazy.

or finally capturing Xander at his first movie! Cars 2, meh, that is all I will say about that, haha.

If you notice my anniversary ticker we are nearly at the big day, 10 years! Eek! I promise a special post will be made on the Thursday so tune in for that. I am off to work on wedding cookies! Bye!

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