Sunday, June 19, 2011

Vancouver on the Map

... but for the wrong reasons. If anyone caught the big Stanley Cup final game between Boston and Vancouver they know the winner was overshadowed by the actions that followed in moments after the clock ran out. Much like 1994 when the Canucks lost game 7, a riot broke out... this time it was far more planned and frankly left most of BC in a state of disgust and embarrassment.

We were on every tv station across the world... and you know you hit an all time low when you show up on TMZ!

We happened to have a student over for dinner who is attending our church, and we all sat on the couch stunned at the events. Of course with social media no one can hide anymore, and people are getting caught daily!

People have also reacted in ways of grace as well... going down to clean up the mess and write messages of thank you to the police who had to take on the ordeal. I am still upset about it, but I won't let it define me or my country!

This week my baby girl finished preschool... sniff. She got her little diploma that I stuck into her school memory book. She seems so grown up, when did that happen?

I did the annual first day and last day pictures to see how much she grew and changed in a year.

During the final week we had a park party and an outing to the bird sanctuary. Lots of fun and kinda sad too since lots of her friends will be headed to different schools.

Yesderday Ariel and I went over to her dance studio to register for fall! It was picture day so we got to see all the older kids in their costumes and oh boy they were pretty! Ariel was excited to know she would get her own costume next year, eek! We signed up for pre-primary ballet and beginner Jazz. After a short visit with some friends we saw there, we headed off to pick up Daddy's Father's Day gift.

I caved and got us iphones! We had been taking about it for a long time and with both of the kinds of jobs we have that it would be a good idea but I convinced Ken not for awhile, in hopes of surprising him. He of course was thrilled and feels like one of the cool kids now, haha. I am so excited to have all my work related emails, contacts and schedule with me to look at anytime, especially when out getting supplies, as my Mommy brain tends to kick in and I forget stuff all the time.

Time for some crazy Xander cuteness. His smile, oh boy is he gonna woo those girls one day, haha.

The past few weeks I had lots of orders but the highlights were a 25th anniversary...

... and a gala event.

This week week I have have 5 orders, 2 of them are large 3 tier cakes, the rest are smaller but still detailed. Looking forward to them since there are some fun things coming up.

Its strange that we are on 'summer schedule'. Ariel's last gymnastics session is this week, so look for a video performance of her dance coming up. I am looking forward to the summer activities starting soon, but first we have to finish up everything for Kara's wedding which is quickly approaching. Ok, time to finish some emails and get to bed.


kelly ens said...

love the comparison shots of Ariel - she sure has grown! Today was T's last day of preschool at class (still one more outing), but i forgot my camera! so i think i'll have to take a pic of her at the front door like i did on day 1 :)

Kelly said...

Hi! Fellow GF here, I saw your blog link on a post and recognized you from our due in august board (she knows and GF's). I hope all is well with you and yours, your little ones have gotten big!!

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