Monday, October 03, 2011

I Need to Blog

My Dad told me so, hehe. What can I say, its been a busy week, I had 4 orders through out the week so it didn't leave a lot of time to blog. This week I have actually nothing booked, which is kinda nice because I have lots of upcoming orders I need to sketch and prepare for, including a wedding next week, so its all good. So Dad and Rita returned from their trip and came home with goodies for the kids and us. Here are the kidlets in their New York t-shirts.

Between the cake orders it was a pretty average week of activity. Ariel is thrilled with jazz, ballet and Sparks. Each one is greeted with enthusiasm, and through out the week she is asking how many sleeps till such and such. School is still going great too. New friends have been made, and it seems she is meeting other girls daily and coming home with another 'best friend'. Already she was invited to a birthday party last weekend when the parent came looking for 'Ariel's Mom' on the playground since she HAD to be invited. Lol, my social butterfly.

Ariel has been enjoying the lessons in her class and looks forward to music and library day weekly. They also just started phonics Fridays, where the kids bring in an item that begins with the letter of the day to share with the class. Last week was 'A' and she brought in her apron, which came after much discussion since she deemed it 'too common' at first, 'everyone has seen an apron before Mom'. Um, so we are trying to think of something original for 'B', any ideas?

One thing I notice more with Ariel being gone all day is that when she gets home how sweet she and Xander are to each other. They have always gotten along, but I see more sights of this, her making up a story to read him or a song. Very sweet!

Sunday night I managed to get my fall decorations up. Upon waking up this morning, Ariel was excited to see the little pumpkins and turkeys adorning the room. She is eager for me to start sewing the Halloween costumes soon, which I am excited to say I got the fabric for last week on a trip to the store with Stella. I did well and managed to pick up the material for our annual Christmas pjs too. Woot! For those wondering what the kids are going to be this year, the hint.... all you need is faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust.

Today in the mail came a very special parcel for Ariel... her SPARK uniform arrived! When I picked her up from school and shared the news, she was eager to come home and try it on. Now uniforms have come a long way since I was in the program. I will do a separate post of the whole thing later, but I did want to share these few pictures to tide you over... first our little Spark!

I also got her a jacket that she can grow into over time and her camp hat, that Xander took a liking too. Haha. He loves hats!

Oh and this super cute Spark is selling fall Girl Guide cookies, the mint ones, so please let me know if you want to buy a box from her. Thanks!

Looking forward to the long weekend coming up. Hoping to do the pumpkin patch with the kids, eat lots of turkey and relax... ahhh.

If you can't find your iphone in our home, generally it means this guy has it.

I was out at our school PAC meeting tonight and I was bummed to hear that there is a chance at this point we might not have a Christmas concert because of the teacher job action stuff. I am going to hold out hope, but honestly I am so ready for the whole mess to be done. Its hard for the teachers, parents and students... sigh. Just sucks all around really.

Well morning comes fast around here, so I am going to bed now.


kelly ens said...

ah, the fun of the fall season! :) can't wait to see the kids' costumes - no doubt they'll be fantastic!
i'm stuck on any original ideas for 'B' - that's a tough one!
cute spark outfit! :)

Kim said...

I'm so looking forward to seeing this year's Halloween costumes!!
Here are my ideas for B (though they might not be very original): brother, balloon, banana, beret, blocks, baking, blanket, and Barbie ;-)

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