Sunday, October 23, 2011


Hey everyone... its been busy, as usual eh? I spent the past few weeks with cake orders, finishing sewing costumes and working on a Christmas tourism booklet (which I am taking a break from for a moment). Keeping busy keeps your head out of the moments of sadness that sometimes creep in when you stop and reflect.

Sometimes its hard to believe I am a grown up, married with 2 kids. When did it happen? It seemed like you were a kid forever and then life speeds up. I took Ariel yesterday to a Charlotte Diamond concert our local cable company was hosting as customer appreciation day. Ken stayed home with Xander since I had cake pick ups, and he wasn't feeling that great. They had a huge tent set up, which was good because the rain was on and off all morning. They had lots of free goodies, cotton candy, popcorn, cookie decorating, treat bag decorating, face painting, balloons and a bouncy castle. Ariel was in heaven and it was nice spending some time together. I miss my school girl!

Ariel LOVED the concert, she danced and sang along and I found myself transported back to the time when I was not much older than her, sitting on Nana and Papa's back porch chowing down on hot dog buns filled with peanut butter and a hand full of fig newtons. Playing on the old tape deck was my Charlotte Diamond album while I colored in the sun. I was always at peace in their house, and it was my place to run to when I needed space. I walked once with my suitcase filled ready to run from home. (Back in the day when a kid could walk 20 minutes away on their own without any concern). For a moment I smiled and swayed like I was that little girl again. That house is gone now, it was finally torn down early this fall. Its weird driving by and not seeing it, but then the memories are so clear that it doesn't matter.

I have taken on the task of doing some decor for Papa's memorial, I find those things comforting and help me. I am painting up some cow print frames for pictures, gotta have cows for Papa.

Some things I have been forgetting to blog about, we hit the pumpkin patch as a family a few weeks ago, prior to the rain coming.

We had a wonderful time, and Xander was far more into it, trying to pick up every pumpkin he came across.

We found our family of pumpkins... now to decide on what to carve this year. Ariel had 2 more trips to the patch coming up for school and Sunday school... so we will have quite a few pumpkins... eep!

Ariel took part in a Halloween pageant last weekend, and did well. She won Interview High Point, which means she was the best in all the age groups for answering her interview question. Ken got her moment on video. Basically she came out as the only one in her age group to deliver a wonderful full answer (compared to the kids doing one word answers).
Daddy was very proud, as this was a great category for her to shine and she was so excited! She got a beautiful sash, trophy and spider crown.

Later this week I finished the Halloween costumes and took the kids to the trails for some photos. They were so so so cute! I am happy with how they turned out, and Ken can say that for a good long time I wasn't so happy with Ariel's, since it just looked like a skating outfit, but once her hair was up, wings and some puffs on her shoes it tied it all together. Yay. She is already thinking about next year, lol.

Love this one, maybe one to blow up for the hallway.

That day also marked the 'awkward' moment of my day, week, month and YEAR. Ugh. So one our neighbors who I have met before (single dad with a teen son) met me and the kids in the hall with a light up fish tank thing. He said he was cleaning up and wondered if the kids might like it. I didn't think much of it since it was a common thing in our building, just being friendly and such. Anyhoo, Ariel was thrilled and Xander started fussing since he couldn't see. The man left and came back with a light up coke can for Xander. We thanked him and he left. About 10 minutes later as I was about to leave with the kids for the photos, a knock was at the door. It sounded like my Dad, but I was confused since I knew he was out. I answered the door and it was the guy again.

He stood there kinda smiling and I was confused. He asked if the lights worked, and I said yes, thank you again. Then he said 'so what are the kids and you doing for dinner?' My face flushed, oh my gosh, the dude was asking me on a 'family' date. I turned away and said 'um leftovers with my HUSBAND'. I didn't want to make it more awkward than it already was, and he didn't miss a beat, saying ok, have a nice night. UGH!!! I tried to call Ken who was in a meeting and when I did I told him he needed to make himself more visual around our place, lol.

Well that is a brief catch up on life here. I will be back, lots coming up to share.


kelly ens said...

LOOOOVE the kids costumes - SO cute!!! :)

oh the awkwardness! yikes!

Tera said...

Cute costumes and I love the one of them walking in the woods!

Teena in Toronto said...

You sound busy!

Awesome pumpkin shots!

Malenadu said...

Beautiful blog. The children are very cute. The design and color arrangement is the thing I fell for. Thank you for sharing. Please visit my blog please follow it.

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