Sunday, November 06, 2011

Yikes its November!

I am in a bit of a funk tonight, I somehow forgot that the first weekend in November is the date the annual Christmas bazaar happens. Since we were all preoccupied with our nephew's first birthday party, it totally slipped my mind. Doh. Not to mention I have been pulling LOTS of late nights getting my latest project done... and its done. Done, done, DONE! I was getting pretty tired of going to bed at 2am nightly and having Ariel have to drag me out of bed in the morning to get her to school. So I will have to wait another year for those wonderful tea sandwiches (I will buy extra plates next year to make up for it).

The hard part is feeling like I broke a huge tradition. I cannot tell you the last time I missed it... was long before my Mom died, so its been awhile. Honestly, I cried when I realized what I had done. I know its stupid, but its just that little memory I enjoy holding on to of when Nana, Mom and I went together. Sigh...

We had a fun Halloween with the kids. Xander was far more into it this year, understanding that he seemed to get candy at the doors, and eventually through out the night would say 'trick or treat' (or his version of it) and when Ariel said 'happy Halloween' he would yell 'Halloween!' We went out with my Dad for about an house and a half, collecting a full recycle bag of treats.

Xander upon seeing the treats he helped gather, plopped down on top of them in pure joy. Ariel just howled with laughter, so funny.

Prior to Halloween we all got the stomach flu. It started with Ariel on Thursday, throwing up in the night, thus missing her class trip to the pumpkin patch. That day sucked, she wasn't too happy. She seemed fine the following morning, it was so odd. I actually thought maybe she had eaten too much and just got a stomach ache... that is until Friday night, when Xander started puking... and then me. Saturday morning Ken started, but everything went away within 24 hours. Crazy! Glad its gone, but boy that really was a lame few days.

Next weekend we are having my Papa's celebration of life event, so trying to get things done, as well as keep on top of my already full week of orders. Things are really picking up these days, which of course is great but the balance at times is tricky.

Today I met with the kids in the Sunday School classes to discuss the Christmas concert. I stepped up to organize it and although its a tad scary I feel a real spiritual nudge to do it. I am looking forward to working with the kids and presenting something special... I just need to get my ideas down on paper. Ha!

I have other stuff to share, but its going to have to wait, cuz I have cakes to decorate. Whee.

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kelly ens said...

awww, sorry you missed the Christmas bazaar; it's a tricky time of year with so much going on - hope you get to go next year :)
love that picture of Xander lovin' on the candy :)

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