Tuesday, November 15, 2011


In the midst of me doing a HUGE junk purge for ourselves, I came home after picking up Ariel to see the 'junk' truck outside our place yesterday. When we came upstairs the smell hit us. Ariel's hand went right to her nose and I gagged. I saw the apartment door that is just slightly down the hall from us open and as we walked by 2 men SHOVELING junk out. Seriously it was like one of those homes out of hoarders... just across the hall from us.

I knew the guy who lived there, nice, quiet, single fellow who was young but walked with a cane. When I asked where he was, I was stunned when the junk guy said he was dead. Apparently, he had cancer, and I guess things just got to be too much and he let things go in his place... but looking at the piles of garbage makes me wonder how long it went on for. They removed the stove and fridge today, they were unrecognizable.

Ariel was sad to hear the man died, as was I. Its unclear if he died in the apartment, part of me is hoping he didn't as it just seems sadder that he was alone. The junk guys were talking that its going to be at least one more day... which is crazy since its just a bachelor apartment, and yet soooooooo much junk.

I came home and cleared much more stuff out than I planned. Even Ariel joined in and we loaded a full garbage bag of toys to give to the thrift shop. So now I have several large bags to be taken out of the house, and some stuff I want to try and sell. Just a daunting task at times, sigh.

Well Ken got home and we are going to watch Parenthood on our DVR... which I won! I totally forgot to mention it. I won it back when Ariel and I went to that customer appreciation day event when we saw Charlotte Diamond. Yeah so we won 3rd place, and a free dvr which has been so much FUN, although I had to get filmed getting my prize which aired over and over on Delta Cable... awesome *sarcasm* Ok, good night.

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